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  1. could the final Aventador be this SVJ based(location of the exhaust) model that was spotted by someone a few months ago? https://www.carscoops.com/2020/08/is-this-a-new-lamborghini-aventador-variant-or-its-successor/
  2. are you referring to this video? I had this bookmarked, its a fun video to watch btw, the Kreissieg makes an amazing sound, an amazing reverberating sound at full throttle at the top end, but I've noticed that the low to mid range is very lacking due to a design flaw of the system.
  3. I posted about this exhaust a few years ago, anyway here are some vids if you are interested https://www.instagram.com/p/BKNsEAQA3MJ/?taken-by=motorzeus https://www.instagram.com/p/BLi3rXuhoVK/?taken-by=boomcraft029
  4. Sup


    in one of the test drive articles from last week one of the Lamborghini people did mention the X6 was used in the deveopment process of the Urus.
  5. [qute name=Toulbox01' date='Oct 17 2017, 06:53 AM' post='1293599] that sounds really good, I've seen that clip before and had assumed it was the full system because it sounds just like it.
  6. I don't mind the 'one-off' cars, they are basically design exercises, street legal concept cars. If buyers are willing to pay for them, Lamborghini should keep producing them.
  7. did you order the exhaust? I tried to PM you but there is an error.
  8. if you are going to keep the cats, I would just keep the stock exhaust or go with a cheaper brand. Kreissieg is at the top of the price range and IMO really isn't worth the price if you are just doing cat back. The Aventador utilizes dual cats and this really restricts the variance in sound produced, so other than volume there won't be much difference in sound regardless of whichever exhaust you go with. as far as dyno /performance figures, only a few companies provide info. For cars like the Aventador, sound is top priority for many of the exhaust companies.
  9. I think this blue SV in this video is running the stock muffler with straight pipes. There is another video that shows a close up of the rear and it appears stock but is noticeably louder idling than a 'normal' SV. This SV sounds incredible, if straight pipes are the only modification I think a new exhaust system is unnecessary. the red SV roadster has the Power Craft exhaust. blue SV 0:13 10:15 16:35
  10. Kreissieg WOT top end sound is incredible, however I see where SV-N-IT is coming from for his preference for the Race exhaust. The Kreissieg system has a serious design flaw IMO when it comes to low and mid range sound(everyday driving).
  11. configurator is awesome, have you considered adding a body colored lower lip feature.
  12. Sup

    Aventador S uncamo'd

    apparently previews of the Aventador S just happened, anybody have more info or details to share?
  13. have these been posted yet? https://www.instagram.com/carworldberlin/
  14. header design is critical for a high pitch, a proper design can fundamentally change the type of sound an engine makes, the stock Diablo headers aren't suited for a high pitch. have you looked into getting a custom 6 to 1 header set, there is a Japanese company that has made one, but it is expensive. I think you could find a shop in the US to fabricate a set for a lower cost.
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