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  1. filmstudent

    FS: $700 Costo Gift Card ($660) - Sold

  2. filmstudent

    FS: $700 Costo Gift Card ($660) - Sold

    I'll let it go for $630. That's about or below what I could cash it in for using one of the big online gift card buy-back sites.
  3. filmstudent

    FS: $700 Costo Gift Card ($660) - Sold

    Whittier, but willing to meet anywhere reasonable.
  4. filmstudent

    FS: $700 Costo Gift Card ($660) - Sold

    I bought a car through the Costco/GM Auto Program and got this $700 Costco Gift Card. Selling it for $660 obo. Located in SoCal.
  5. filmstudent

    CHP 11-99 Membership

    Nothing from any city police department, county sheriff, or any other agency that's not CHP. From the CHP (and in no way guaranteed)...most officers will give you the courtesy of a warning if you are an 11-99 member.
  6. filmstudent

    Elite from China

    its southern california, this is rich kid mecca - the focus on them being asian is kind of pointless because there are rich kids of all races and backgrounds in so cal - asians, white kids, black kids, middle eastern, etc. etc....
  7. filmstudent

    would you tell a cop you have a loaded weapon?

    he probably completed and submitted a field interview card (or something similar to that). it's essentially for internal use. because it was an unusual stop or just not something you see everyday (a lamborghini, plus the gun) he would fill out the card to have it on record and put it out as a 'fyi' to all of the other officers - "hey, i pulled over this chick in a lambo, she had a gun, she was nice, speeding, gave her a warning" if one day they get a call about a white lamborghini doing 120 down the interstate, they know theres one in the area and they know you drive it. they usually do FI cards when they stop people on the streets/pull people over or talk to known suspects/troublemakers/etc. but they are not reserved solely for that reason. some agencies input the info into a database, some file them away in records, some officers keep them for their own file, and sometimes they just get posted on a bulletin. thats my best guess.
  8. filmstudent

    Lamborghini Prototype Road Rage

    maybe an unauthorized joy ride of the prototype...that guy looks like a transporter or something, definitely not a test driver, engineer, or the like. really bizarre. on the other hand, each driver should be ticketed for distracted/unsafe driving - all 3 drivers put everyone else on the road at extreme risk.
  9. filmstudent

    Fuck da police!

    i guess it depends on the size and location of the department. as far as larger, metro departments - the background standards are rigid...its really hard to get in and there's no way they wouldn't do a simple records check for convictions.
  10. filmstudent

    Fuck da police!

    well i wasn't really asking for proof - it doesn't matter to me. not to mention, that doesn't prove much since i could post a picture of the same thing right now. my comment was more about the fact that i think its pretty hard to lie about a conviction in a police background...but who knows.
  11. filmstudent

    Fuck da police!

    How do you have access to his employment application...? Police backgrounds are very intense and thorough. If he has a drug conviction, they would have known about it considering you were able to get that info by yourself.
  12. filmstudent

    Lone Survivor (movie)

    I had the pleasure of working with and meeting Marcus in December when the company I work for hired him to speak at our annual meeting. After reading his book and hearing him speak, the movie was fantastic. He did play a huge part in the movie and he was actually in a lot of the movie. In person, he's a super intense guy. Really tall and has a very commanding presence. He's not particularly friendly and can come off as super rude and intimidating to everyone he deals with. We were super surprised but after knowing what he's been through can't really blame him.
  13. the man died, police are looking for the driver of the GT-R
  14. filmstudent

    Hawthorne Cops killed Dog...

    Second video that the Hawthorne PD claims exonerates them from wrongdoing. I agree. The guy was a complete asshole and deserved to get arrested, I feel bad for the dog but the officer literally had no other choice.
  15. filmstudent

    SFO Airplane Crash/Fire

    what are the odds this gets caught on tape (not security or cctv footage) by a person? there has to be like what, 400-500 flights a day that land at SFO and this guy is filming this specific flight from so far away on his cell phone? i'm not one of those types of people but it makes you think...that's a crazy coincidence. there was also a plane crash in Alaska today - air taxi, 10 people dead...crazy stuff.