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  1. Are there any Aventador owners interested in skid plates? I was planning to make a set for a friends car and wanted to see if there was anyone else that may be interested. I plan to make it fit the OEM bolts along with an additional 5-6 screws that screw into bumper for more security.
  2. beautiful car! such a shame to drive it less than 1000 miles in all these years
  3. that'd be awesome to watch. i've been following your threads on fchat and i love your ferrari collection. hope to meet you one of these days, especially if you meet up with Kris in Sonoma
  4. congrats Ben. I can't wait to see your P1 and LaF roaming around the bay area
  5. awesome he acknowledged you and gave a thumbs up!
  6. wow have more pics of the white gto? looks like has more carbon on it...
  7. beautiful car and color combo. did you ever get 458 spider?
  8. have a pic with all your SV's together?
  9. were you able to get more pics side by side with your two beauties?
  10. Great reply! Thank you for the answers and glad you had such an awesome experience with Horatio and Christian.
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