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  1. Fascinating interview with details I never heard before! Thanks for sharing!
  2. My Performante is the best road legal track car I have owned. Now that I don’t have it anymore, I realize even more what a brilliant track and road car it is... but even the Performante came with OEM brake pads that disintegrated when hot and at less than 50% wear! Not even close to ideal. I am sure the right Pagid RSC-1 pads for the SVJ will improve its brake performance! Worst case put AP racing brakes!
  3. Thank you! I had a 50th Anniversary Roadster back in 2014 and 2015 with Kreissieg exhaust. This SVJ with its factory Lamborghini race exhaust reminds me a lot of that car. Need to get used to the width, weight and transmission of the Aventador platform again as well as drivers following me on the road in a convoy to look at the car!
  4. Thank you and appreciate it! Thank you! I fell in love with it when I saw it at the dealership! Thank you! I thought so too! Thank you! The Performante was the faster, easier car to drive fast on the street and on track. Felt lighter and more nimble. The SV’s sense of occasion when driving and road presence are unrivaled! It is just a great looking beast with its V12! Thank you DoctaM3! My first Verde Lambo! Thank you! I appreciate it!
  5. After nearly 2 years of enjoying my new Performante which I spec'd and got delivered, I traded it in for a SV Roadster! Here are the photos!
  6. 720S is faster in a straight line for sure. Not on a track. It has a 15 second slower Nürburgring lap time than a Performante and feels "loosy-goosey" (technical term) on any track compared to the razor sharp, precise handling of the Perf. Speaking from experience at COTA...
  7. Congratulations! It looks incredible! Please post more photos!
  8. Both were Radicals. They were pure race cars on race slicks.
  9. Yes he does and he is a coach available for hire for drivers who want to get faster!
  10. It is an eye opener all right! I thought I was pretty fast on street tires till I saw what he can do with my car!
  11. I was at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) F1 track in Austin for a track weekend this past weekend. I met and had the pleasure of watching this promising and talented 25 year old pro racer, James Vance, drive my car for a few laps! James is a Lamborghini Ice Experience Driving instructor in addition to being a pro racer in IMSA with the JCW works team, has 4 NASCAR starts to his credit and works with multiple global brands instructing and coaching. This is a video of a few laps around COTA! Unfortunately, the Trofeo R street tires on the car were at the end of their track life but still his car control is phenomenal!
  12. but does Lamborghini Squadra Corse do anything with the Aventador platform?
  13. Wow! Cant wait for that! Anytime a car is being described as a Monster by other car guys, it has my attention!!!
  14. Please share more info... Is there a new Ring lap record?
  15. Only part of it on Lambo's Instagram. Just Wow!
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