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  1. 720S is faster in a straight line for sure. Not on a track. It has a 15 second slower Nürburgring lap time than a Performante and feels "loosy-goosey" (technical term) on any track compared to the razor sharp, precise handling of the Perf. Speaking from experience at COTA...
  2. Congratulations! It looks incredible! Please post more photos!
  3. Both were Radicals. They were pure race cars on race slicks.
  4. Yes he does and he is a coach available for hire for drivers who want to get faster!
  5. It is an eye opener all right! I thought I was pretty fast on street tires till I saw what he can do with my car!
  6. I was at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) F1 track in Austin for a track weekend this past weekend. I met and had the pleasure of watching this promising and talented 25 year old pro racer, James Vance, drive my car for a few laps! James is a Lamborghini Ice Experience Driving instructor in addition to being a pro racer in IMSA with the JCW works team, has 4 NASCAR starts to his credit and works with multiple global brands instructing and coaching. This is a video of a few laps around COTA! Unfortunately, the Trofeo R street tires on the car were at the end of their track life but still his car control is phenomenal!
  7. but does Lamborghini Squadra Corse do anything with the Aventador platform?
  8. Wow! Cant wait for that! Anytime a car is being described as a Monster by other car guys, it has my attention!!!
  9. Please share more info... Is there a new Ring lap record?
  10. Only part of it on Lambo's Instagram. Just Wow!
  11. Thank you and agree with you! Thanks and appreciate it! Thank you much!
  12. I wanted to see how the new LP site allows for easier uploading of bigger photos by sharing some of my Performante both on track and in the parking lot! My favs are the glowing rotor actions shots taken during a night track event at COTA even though they are grainy! Uploading photos is night and day different from before!
  13. I think Lambo mismanaged this so called VIP preview of the SVJ... Who could be more be more VIP as far as an SVJ is concerened than the deposit paid customers waiting for one? Yet very few if any of the customers with deposits were invited?!?!?!???
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