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  1. Congratulations! The car looks stunning!
  2. Today, I spoke to the Lamborghini Americas CEO, Alessandro Farmeschi at the Lamborghini Winter Academia ice driving experience in Aspen, CO. He confirmed with certainty that the Aventador replacement will be a naturally aspirated V12 hybrid. So it will indeed be a V12! Rejoice!
  3. That’s what I had read and heard too. So the Aventador replacement, confirmed to have a DCT, must have a new CF tub.
  4. You have better information than me. I am going by the interview and “assumed” that the confirmation of the DCT meant a new CF tub as I had heard repeatedly from my dealer that the current Aventador tub cannot take a DCT.
  5. So it is possible to integrate a DCT into the Aventador chassis and CF tub?
  6. I thought we learned from an interview of Maurizio Reggiani posted here a while back that the Aventador replacement is a ground up new design? Which means new CF tub, a DCT transmission, V12 and with pure electric range which means LiFe batteries and not just super capacitor hybrid system.
  7. I had also heard from multiple track drivers of the 918 as well as other Hybrid hypercars that a fast single lap is possible on long tracks (like the Ring) but repeated laps invariably got slower due to power depletion in the battery and the inability to have a fully charged battery at all times. This will make non-hybrids have an advantage in lap times in a sustained 30 min lap session. The 918 did poorly at COTA where I track my cars. The Performante did a 2.18 on Trofeo R tires in the hands of an experienced driver (not me) at COTA. No 918 came close to that laptime at COTA. To be honest, neither the 918 nor SVJ are ideal track cars as they are too heavy. So laptimes are not the primary purpose most customers buy these cars. A fast single laptime is largely for bragging rights.
  8. Unotaz - do you know if the Pirelli Trofeo R tires you can buy in the US from TireRack for both the SVJ and the SV now are in fact the third gen Trofeo Rs that were used in the record Ring lap for the SVJ? Link: https://www.tirerack.com/register/index.jsp?vehicleName=&saveToWishList=&newDesktop=true
  9. Wow!!! This is incredibly informative and interesting! Thank you for sharing!
  10. Please try and get more information on the timing of the Aventador replacement, if possible!
  11. Thank you sl55 and Destructo! I love the car!
  12. Same source said likely 2021 reveal as a 2022 model and it will have a naturally aspirated V12 with hybrid powertrain and a dual clutch transmission. Total expected HP is around 1080 HP! The design was finalized sometime ago and it has undergone most of its testing. We will have to wait and see, I suppose...
  13. Absolutely not trying to be argumentative but a factory person told me (assured me) that Aventador replacement will have a dual clutch transmission...
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