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  1. I've never heard of a Diablo having an accurate fuel gauge. Don't you go fix it now! Blasphemy!
  2. Marc, if you want, I have more pictures of mine (Or can take any you want) for your site.
  3. I have one. My research says there were about 50 made, but many of those have broken over the years. If you are looking to buy one, ask for a video of it working. I never installed it in my Diablo, never got the installation kit for it either. There are 2 threaded holes on the side to hold it in place. I also believe Breguet made more than 1 version, as some of the movements seem to differ. Mine is a 4349 movement, but the one above is a 1596.
  4. So that's where it went :-) Had been keeping an eye on the car on eBay. Are you doing the engine out service as a precaution, or does it need it ? Enjoy her !
  5. Great write up indeed ! I have something similar coming up in the next 2 years or so... Already dreading what they'll find on mine
  6. That's not exactly true, there were 6 SV Roadsters. :-)
  7. Great write up ! Why not paint the cover in gold as well? Looks a bit off now...
  8. I would pay 3000$ for that set, if the tires are indeed over age. More if the tires are still OK.
  9. Do you want the aluminium one or the polished one? I have a spare one in aluminium
  10. Met up with a buddy last night, he has one of those flying GoPro setups... Turn up volume
  11. The 2WD Diablo's are great. I've owned mine for 7 years now. It has been quite reliable, but it does need attention regularly because of its age. Then again, with no power steering, ABS, traction control, AWD or any of that nonsense, it truly makes for an exciting drive. The weak points are PAINT, some electronics, and that AC is not great when the sun is out... So in all, more reliable than a prius. Get one! It took me some time to find mine. I wanted one with a history file. It had some cosmetic issues (paint mostly) but I wanted to drive it anyway. And paint is cheap compared to a Lamborghini V12 ;-)
  12. If it's one bank on, one bank off, my bet would be that one of the coils failed though... Other than that, those wires could indeed to with replacing... Your coils are on the left hand side, just behind the air scoop, under the fender
  13. Mike Pullen, or Carlo from Top Gear Cars are indeed your best bet. RHD Diablo's are going cheaper than LHD ones these days. On the mainland a decent example will set you back 80.000EU at least. Mine is LHD so can't help you there
  14. If it's running on 6 cilinders, it might well be one of the 2 coils that has failed. They are on the left , when standing behind the car. EDIT: Just noticed you do have sparks on the plugs, in that case I don't know what it is, sorry
  15. This truly was an amazing event... Words do not suffice to describe it. Sure, you can organize a huge event and bring 350 supercars together, but this was SO much more than this... This whole event was about the atmosphere surrounding it. People from all over the world, sharing the same passion, even from a different perspective and culture... Even the people from Japan were so open and heartily! If you've ever done business with them, you know how stiff they usually are ! It was great to meet so many people, and make a few new friends. As Winckelmann put it "We like to be the bad boys". That's what this event was: BAD BOYS!
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