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  1. Goggles Pizano

    Anyone around Newark?

    Thanks guys. Found a bud going there and he looked at it for me. Made a deal with the guy, we talked about me driving it back etc. Then a day later F'er texts me back saying he sold the car for more money to someone else.
  2. Goggles Pizano

    Anyone around Newark?

    Fair Lawn to be exact. Looking at a DB9 and just need some eyes on it before wasting time and money flying out there.
  3. just a general question on tunes for the UGR cars and E85. It is system E85 compatible and just needs a new tune?
  4. Goggles Pizano

    Dealer etiquette?

    Seeing this just now I realized it was in downtown Toronto. Never really noticed that many many years ago when I saw the movie.
  5. We are a little further apart and didn't want to waste time but summer is coming so hopefully someone jumps in and you get max $$$ for it.
  6. Tiago knows I showed interest and I know where he stands. I just don't waste peoples time with constant PMs or emails. We all too busy for BS.
  7. Goggles Pizano

    WTB: Huracan

    This one has been for sell for a while car
  8. Goggles Pizano


    More like people buying for investments. They saw what happened with the 2005-06 ones. I remember the Ferraris guys laughing and saying 'Oh I will pick one up when they drop sub $100k'. Dudes were smoking dupe. A car built for 2 years only and levels above their normal builds, no way was it coming down to sub $100k.
  9. 2 used hookers and a dog. Dog is worth more by the way.
  10. I want to but don't want to. Hope you get very close to asking. I will PM you when I get a chances.
  11. guessing factory manual not conversed? this very, very tempting and thinking above giving you an offer. i got to stop visiting this site.
  12. Goggles Pizano

    Cat 5 Hurricane Irma :(

    I am ready.
  13. Goggles Pizano

    FS: 1991 Diablo - Sold

    Nothing against the guy, just would have liked to have seen it sold to an average joe not looking to make a profit who would enjoy it for many years.
  14. Goggles Pizano

    FS: 1991 Diablo - Sold

    Hate it that a dealer flipped it.
  15. Goggles Pizano

    Maintenence costs

    Is it just me or did you guys miss this. 50k! Nice to see that it is driven and enjoyed. By the way where do you see the car?