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  1. Thanks guys. Found a bud going there and he looked at it for me. Made a deal with the guy, we talked about me driving it back etc. Then a day later F'er texts me back saying he sold the car for more money to someone else.
  2. Fair Lawn to be exact. Looking at a DB9 and just need some eyes on it before wasting time and money flying out there.
  3. Seeing this just now I realized it was in downtown Toronto. Never really noticed that many many years ago when I saw the movie.
  4. More like people buying for investments. They saw what happened with the 2005-06 ones. I remember the Ferraris guys laughing and saying 'Oh I will pick one up when they drop sub $100k'. Dudes were smoking dupe. A car built for 2 years only and levels above their normal builds, no way was it coming down to sub $100k.
  5. Is it just me or did you guys miss this. 50k! Nice to see that it is driven and enjoyed. By the way where do you see the car?
  6. Don't know county has it accessed at $200k. Lot is 0.65 acres. It is on 4 lane major highway might be an idea, zoned for General commercial (Retail / Office / Bank / Restaurant / Hotel / Bar / Club / Gas Station). Cost to demo and re-develop might be too costly. Currently do not have the knowledge to estimate it.
  7. For the hell of it I looked at this again today. Now down to $250k.
  8. So just to add more information for others in the future. Agent said original equipment and no service records and he does not know that the automated washer has been replaced and the reclaim system was installed by the 6 year owner (found out below). Do some searching and contacted the owner who had is for 6 years and sold it back in 2006. He actual drove by it without me asking him and noticed the automate was replaced and that they added roll down door to the equipment room. Appear wise looked as good as the day him sold it. He told the average revenue per weekday and weekend. As Jon stated in his post 'a lot of work and upkeep' and this was repeated by the former owner. He spend about 1-2hours a day and need someone to look after it when he went on vacation. He also told me that they built a similar car wash around the corner (about half a mile, but off the main roadway) where he sold it. Guessing that is one of the reasons he sold it and that is why the current revenue is low. Unless I can get it dirt cheap, I'll continue to look for something to invest in or partner with someone on. Thanks to all who posted.
  9. You got any that you can throw my way
  10. Yea. I was thinking the same thing on the ROI and making big money was not something that came to mind with this or really any car wash. You really cannot grow it like a regular business and I was guessing a ROI of around 15%. The problem is the number of flips is not really representative of the financial history and guessing the ROI on the wash is not enough for most investors. I'll keep my eye on it and see if the asking price starts to drop.
  11. I will see if I can contact them. $300k No exact date on machinery as I have not gotten to the point of starting to negotiate. All fairly new and well maintained just your typical marketing phrases. Will ask the agent for the info and update. That is for sure as sellers tend to exaggerate. Trying to get into contact with one of the pass owners who have it for 6 years. Average traffic is about 35k vehicles daily on the roadway for 2012 (18k going north the side the wash is located and 16k going south) and is computed according to state DOT. The east side to the waterway is residential and does not look like there would be any major redevelopment, but I will ask the agent and email the county. Thanks to all and I will check the links.
  12. Been Ok'd by mod to post. Anyone have any first hand experience with one? Looking at may be buying one and been doing some research on the property and some general reading about others who have owned one. Located right on a major four lane roadway and there is a gas station right across it, but there are no apartments/condos around only houses. It is located 1200 feet from an Atlantic intercostal waterway, so I would guess it would be mostly boats washing as there are 2 public boat ramps one 3 miles north and the other 10 miles south. No road salt as no winter weather so this factor is removed. 4 self service bays, 1 Automatic Touchless bay, 6 car covered vacuuming bays, water filtration system with storage tank, change/credit card machine/tokens machine, video security system, computer operated, newer equipment. I know it is not a growth business (hard to find one or to partner with someone), but if I net at least $30k/year before taxes might not be bad. Maybe add a solar system, but have not done any calculation of ROI. Problem is currently only 2 years of financials records available and none before that according to the agent. It averages around 50% OER per year. The average monthly income is $3k which worries me that if machinery needs major repair I am guessing there goes a couple months of income. Taking what the agent says with a grain of salt, reason for sale is current owners (brothers) don't have the time to really market the business as they live 70 miles from each other and the wash is located in between them. They are ready to move on to other investments. Plan is to move around the area in the next 5 years. Quick research I have done on my own about the history of the property: Sold in june 1997 for $90k (probably sale of the land) sold in june 2000 for $520k sold in april 2006 for $500k sold in dec 2007 to a non-profit foundation for a $100k ($400k lose, guessing tax write off) sold in june 2011 for $250k to current owners.
  13. Since it is a POS then I would not be worried about cutting into non structural parts of the tub if needed (I do not think I would need to cut or drill, but may need to make some holes a little bigger). The transaxle still uses a regular single clutch with a pressure cylinder to actuate the clutch mechanism with an electric motor instill of your leg. Going to removing that and just go with a hydraulic actuator kit. Might only need an actuator cylinder but will not know until I pull the trans out and see the system. The new Graziano uses internal hydraulic rooting manifold to actuate the gears since it is a new type of design, so not exactly a stick as you know it (no 2 exterior selector rods on transaxle). Shifting will be electronically controlled, whatever gear you are in or going to will send a signal to turn on and off the gears actuator. The problem is going to be with the electronics. Will need a microcontroller/FPGA to simulator signals since that is going to control gear selection and also the system is designed to cuts engine spark between shifts. Hopeful can stick with the factory ECU and simulator signals from the tranny module to it. Then there is locating the shifter mechanism. Still just thinking as no way of doing a proof of concept without hardware. he new Graziano.
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