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  1. Thanks guys. Found a bud going there and he looked at it for me. Made a deal with the guy, we talked about me driving it back etc. Then a day later F'er texts me back saying he sold the car for more money to someone else.
  2. Fair Lawn to be exact. Looking at a DB9 and just need some eyes on it before wasting time and money flying out there.
  3. Seeing this just now I realized it was in downtown Toronto. Never really noticed that many many years ago when I saw the movie.
  4. More like people buying for investments. They saw what happened with the 2005-06 ones. I remember the Ferraris guys laughing and saying 'Oh I will pick one up when they drop sub $100k'. Dudes were smoking dupe. A car built for 2 years only and levels above their normal builds, no way was it coming down to sub $100k.
  5. Is it just me or did you guys miss this. 50k! Nice to see that it is driven and enjoyed. By the way where do you see the car?
  6. Since it is a POS then I would not be worried about cutting into non structural parts of the tub if needed (I do not think I would need to cut or drill, but may need to make some holes a little bigger). The transaxle still uses a regular single clutch with a pressure cylinder to actuate the clutch mechanism with an electric motor instill of your leg. Going to removing that and just go with a hydraulic actuator kit. Might only need an actuator cylinder but will not know until I pull the trans out and see the system. The new Graziano uses internal hydraulic rooting manifold to actuate the gears since it is a new type of design, so not exactly a stick as you know it (no 2 exterior selector rods on transaxle). Shifting will be electronically controlled, whatever gear you are in or going to will send a signal to turn on and off the gears actuator. The problem is going to be with the electronics. Will need a microcontroller/FPGA to simulator signals since that is going to control gear selection and also the system is designed to cuts engine spark between shifts. Hopeful can stick with the factory ECU and simulator signals from the tranny module to it. Then there is locating the shifter mechanism. Still just thinking as no way of doing a proof of concept without hardware. he new Graziano.
  7. Everybody wants to make a buck. Sad when you have to be dishonest about it. That is no way to run a business or your life. I would gave him $200k and convert it to a 3 pedal.
  8. Car is back up with new username aventadorwizard link to ad
  9. you could have had that car for around $170k. Was on ebay and bought by Andy in feb of '12 who painted it and then listed it for over $400k. Chicago motors bought it and listed it for $398k then send it to auction (do not know if it sold there). Now it ended up at auto palace.
  10. From a web site Lot # 2305 1974 Lamborghini Urraco P300 Coupe; S/N 20422; Yellow/Black; Unrestored original, 4- condition; Hammered Sold at $6,000 plus commission of 15.00%; Final Price $6,900 — Crudely resprayed but otherwise original, neglected and in parlous condition. The structure is stamped 1060*708, but the pop-riveted Lambo plate (and the homologation plate) says the chassis number is 20422 It’s difficult to find anyone who wants a Urraco, let alone one in this neglected condition, so Auctions America’s success in finding a buyer, especially at this price, is an accomplishment of no small measure.
  11. Lead on the by the always untrue media. I guess they can charge it because they just can. Too bad I'm in TO and would have liked to talk.
  12. Here is link to the maintenance booklet link. Was looking at getting one, because it seemed that the car was extreme reliable with low maintenance costs, but not true. You need to take the engine out just to check the plugs. Man nothing is easy on these European cars for general maintenance.
  13. By law it has to be on the drivers side around the steering column.
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