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  1. I know exactly what you mean it nearly got me few times, it’s the bottom lower corner?
  2. I give you the “your” but not the pain(ful)
  3. Thanks man, you grammar is pain enough for me so thank you for letting me off the hook
  4. To me you mean absolutely nothing, those who matter to me know my name and everything there is to know about me, as I said I am embarsed to debate you so do yourself a favour and move along, your juvenile attempts make me laugh.
  5. Last LV wallet I had for more than 7 years and the reason I got rid of it was because I wanted something slimmer without the coin section, after 7 years it was still going strong but TBH I kind of got sick of looking at it LOL So in short you can justify it like that edit BTW I’ve linked the Oz website which is generally more rip off hence the $500 price, at your end it’s cheaper, correct link attached. https://us.louisvuitton.com/eng-us/products/pince-wallet-damier-graphite-nvprod1000194v
  6. emanon if you want something quite small and easy to fit in your pocket, I’ve been using the multiple wallet from LV for few years now, leather is very soft and moulds very well, takes a lot of beating with no deterioration, they have some good colors, not just their usual standard, I highly recommend it, they also have another one which I liked it’s called slender wallet, that’s a bit more compact. https://au.louisvuitton.com/eng-au/products/multiple-wallet-damier-infini-005637
  7. I have no reason to run for the hills, you aren’t a worthy adversary for me could never challenge me because everything I speak is the absolute truth and I can back every single gthing I claim, also you have difficulty expressing yourself in writing, most of the time I have no idea what you are on about and I am being serious, you are making unsubstantiated accusations which I obiously can’t prove otherwise so this whole conversation is an embarrassing joke. At this point I am actually embarrassed to continue conversing with child like adults, this isn’t what I signed up for.
  8. His accusations managed to push my buttons the wrong way, being jet lagged didn’t help either, I agree that I’ve probably overreacted, I won’t engage him again, it’s not worth it.
  9. Love the combo, enjoy it in the best of health.
  10. Honestly man I am struggling to understand what you are trying to say, I am not even joking. I’ve never PM’ed you such things, you’ve lost the plot, I think you must’ve been conversing with somebody else, how can I delete your PMs? I am just a member on this forum just like you are. I didn’t go after Supercar Ace, somebody sent me a link where I could donate for him to go on holidays, I was shocked because he, as far as I understood from his posts was looking to purchase a new Lamborghini and those two things don’t make sense when put together, if you have Lamborghini money or hope to in the very near future you don’t do that unless you are trying to scam people, I know Supercar Ace isn’t trying to scam anyone and that’s why the whole scenario shocked me, how you don’t get that is beyond me, even Supercar Ace gets that the whole thing was a lapse in judgment which backfired, you no matter how retarded you sound just want to be a contrarian, based on your selfies you are an older guy I expected you to be much wiser. As for me not working LOL, I’ve hosted forum members at my house and I know a bunch of them IRL, why don’t you ask them? LOL
  11. Thanks for your post, as I said I have nothing against you, but that action just stunned me and that’s why I mentioned it, I appreciate the fact that you realized that was a big mistake and you are working your way away from it, I also know that you understand and appreciate where I am coming from and I hope you know that whatever I said wasn’t done maliciously, I also think that you know and appreciate that most of it isn’t about LamboCars’s renders and that it goes a bit deeper than that, having said that at the end of the day you don’t owe me or anyone else an explanation for your actions, I am just a stranger to you and so are many here. As for your business endeavors, coming from less than nothing myself I appreciate and admire the effort, hard work and determination , everything you’ve briefly explained in your posts above (I know there is a lot more to it) to me sounds very complicated and convoluted, that’s why I am saying you are chasing unicorns, business is very very simple in essence, the basics of doing a successful deal have not changed, trim all the nonsense and if you work hard enough you will eventually get there but if you keep on chasing to good to be true convoluted transactions you are doing nothing but gambling and that’s not the basis of a sustainable business, yes you might get lucky but what if you never will before you run out of money and/or enthusiasm? You need to build a solid base and start with that. I tell you what, next time you want to do a deal PM and I will help you negotiate it or at least let you know if it’s a time wasting exercise or not.
  12. WTF are you on about? I’ve used LamboCars’s configurator like anybody else, over the years he’s done renders for me, most volunteered by him like he’s done for many here, some I requested but saying that I’ve asked him to render for me months in a row is false and surprisingly worse than your sentence construction, punctuation and grammar. If you are insinuating that I don’t have a SVJ on order I can assure you that you are wrong, not that it matters or makes and difference to my life but I am first in line at my dealer. I really don’t see what the big deal is if one has an order or not or if one decided to keep their SV or not, do you think you are special that you’ve kept your SV? Not that’s any of your business but I’ve made a very good profit on mine and I sold it, it’s a replaceable commodity, I couldn’t care less about owning it or not took the money and sold it to somebody who liked it more. Also please pull your head in and don’t even start talking about money because I will make you feel inadequate, also don’t forget to consider you have 20 years on me with a 20 kickstart, settle down. You completely missed the whole point of this whole conversation with Supercar Ace.
  13. Supercar Ace, I always thought you are a very cool guy but today somebody on the board sent me a gofundme link to a page where you ask people to fund your overseas European holiday WTF??, My jaw hit the floor, I know it’s none of my business but damn that’s beyond my level of comprehension. I was literally speechless. Anyway, I wish you all the best with your endeavors, reading your post above, just remember there rarely are any shortcuts in business life or instant gratification, it’s always about the basics, always! You seem to be looking for a unicorn. BTW this isn’t an attack but I would be lying if I said that I was not extremely disappointed to learn about your gofundme attempt. If I were you I’d donate that money to a charity.
  14. I think I am on number 5 so far and I completely agree, it’s a fantastic machine, my favorite out of the bunch also.
  15. https://www.motortrend.com/news/lamborghini-huracan-performante-2018-motor-trend-best-drivers-car/
  16. I am no on the coupe at this stage, I want to see the Roadster.
  17. Destructo thank you for the explanation, good luck with the hard work behind the scene, my only complaint is that this announcement or a announcement wasn't made prior the site being taken down, but since this site is free and participation is optional my complaint can be viewed as being irrelevant but I am still frustrated that I can not help haha Suggestion: bring the black/gold skin back.
  18. We are back but damn this site looks weird now, where is the black skin?? Anyway that's a discussion for another day. I can not believe you have 12 Porsches LOL that's crazy! You definitely need more Lambos to counter balance it.
  19. I do like the 911 cars, I had few of the old ones but I’ve never got into the new ones, my local dealer is a bit of an arrogant dick, he thinks he’s selling the cure to some untreatable disease LOL Yes Lambo has a huge cult following which mostly consists of broke teenagers as for P cars those accountants have money
  20. 911 has a cult following and a different price point new, having said that I’ve never understood why some of them are as collectible. Speaking of Porsche, I just remembered, I actually forgot to add that the most amount of money I’ve ever lost on a car was on a “collectible” GT4, I think it was about $75k LOL They are hyped at release, they go over RRP in 12 to 16 months when the new egg comes out say good bye to $100k plus, at least that’s how the market is here. They are all money or opportunity losers but we will always buy them because we are diseased LOL
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