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  1. So it turns out a good running bolt on TT Huracan (on pump) can easily beat a stock 720s, since you beat a tuned one (on pump).
  2. @Jeff SD i think you meant the other way around. I was not expecting the RWD gt3 to be so close to the the 4wd huracan off the line.
  3. Looks awesome! Good luck with your car. You can now re-race the supercharged green huracan ... for fun
  4. I think he will be interested in a "wipe the floor with DP" package.
  5. This video clearly shows how they open. Enjoy !
  6. With a proper launch it can probably get to mid 8's. Great performance !
  7. Did the instrument cluster display change on it's own when you engaged rolling anti-lag ?
  8. How can a car trapping 210 be catching up to a car in front of it, going 213 ?!?! To say something like that is just stupid. I'd love to see them trying to "prove" that. LE : I know where the r8 got all that extra power in the last race. Must have been all that NOS Vegas was talking about lately
  9. Well by your words they have the same performance, and we both know it's not the case. The tires on ohmega have 0 ( ZERO ) sidewall reinforcement to allow wheel flex in order to increase grip. That's what makes the difference ... also R888 are in fact track day tires because of the heavy sidewall reinforcement over any other normal tire. ( luckily that goes hand in hand with high speeds ) Proclaiming King of the street a car that actually NEVER HAS and NEVER WILL run on the ACTUAL STREET is what kind of bugs me. It's not King of the street , it's king of the airport asphalt runway with big profile tires , small brakes , no exhaust , parachute and drag wing .... to most of the people here.
  10. Initial purchase costs aside, which one of the two "street cars" would you choose ? I think you'd pick the lambo because deep down you know that the cars are not even close to be on par and that ohmega had to cut a lot of corners and do a lot of changes (traction , brakes , weight , aero ....) in order to run the way it runs at TI. You also know that on the street it will never replicate the things it does at TI. That aside, it takes nothing away from the fact that it won TI. grats to them.
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