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  1. Man, I wish I took the investment part of this thread more seriously. I never bought and NVDA shares during all of this. Holy shit do I regret that. Congrats to all that made bank. I should have known better.
  2. I kinda like it. also, when's the last time a car with popup headlights hit the market? 30 years?
  3. That's the right color for that car, but I really don't like those wheels in the slightest way. IMO they ruin the look.
  4. That guy is blowing smoke up your ass. I have a miner running at 97Mh/s right now and it's on track to bring in $170 this month. The difficulty keeps ramping up, which makes coins harder to attain. 3 moniths ago, he probably did pull in that much. Not anymore. For Ether mining, the pot is drying up. If you don't already have hardware, don't expect to make your initial investment back quickly. You'll have to repurpose the miner for different coins soon anyway. Ethereum is changing from Proof of Work (mining) to Proof of Stake (like stock ownership) in the coming months, which will wipe out mining Ethereum completely.
  5. Sorry for your loss. A dear friend of mine passed away at 25 from a similar affliction.
  6. I've been around LP for longer than I can remember. By far, the longest running frequent visit for me. I was still in high school when I first discovered LP. It was months after the forum first started. Alan had a lotus esprit, and a Diablo SV. I lost track of that account at some point. Took a couple years break for a while. Then I found my way back and have been almost a daily visitor since. This place has been a wild ride. Twin turbo lambos. Pagani, Koenigsegg, bugatti, Veneno builds. Mind blowing stuff. Things have been slowing down lately, and I hope that's a temporary thing. I fcuking love this place. Even though I lurk 90% of the time.
  7. Pumcy

    Jalpa prices

    There was only a little more than 400 jalpas made and several of them are no more. Considering how high prices of pretty much any older exotic, this price seems to be realistic to me.
  8. http://www.archiehamiltonracing.com/archie/background/
  9. The music sells it for sure.
  10. I completely forgot to congratulate FikseSTS. That's a hell of a car. looking forward to watching the order process unfold. Ferrari's gotta go
  11. Pretty surprising to see some of the people who got an allocation and some of the people who didn't. Clearly there are a few people here that deserve the car more than others that got one. g-force not getting one is suprising after the list of cars he said he's owned. I remember abolfaz ordered a Ford GT when they were still new. And then there's this jackhole that plays minecraft on youtube that got one. https://twitter.com/CaptainSparklez?ref_src...7Ctwgr%5Eauthor I'm not hating on youtubers, i think its great that people can make a good living off of making videos for people. But 10 million followers on a youtube channel that is about playing minecraft does not equal big exposure for the car. He has a mclaren 650lt right now and there's no much content on his social media about it. then there's this story from solomondrin on youtube about his friend who's races Ford GTs and currently owns 3 of them that didn't get a slot. So much for being good to your loyal customers.
  12. Stories and actions like this are what make LP the best damn site on the Internet. Rather than a bunch of stuck up pretentious rich guys, this place brings out the classiest people out there. I remember this thread from 4 years ago. Brought tears to my eyes then, and you guys did it again. Such an amazing act of generosity and kindness. Doesn't take much on your end, but this type of thing has lasting impacts on the receiving end. I hope to see more stories like this on LP in the future.
  13. liked. good luck. When i clicked on the video i wasn't sure what to expect. After watching it, I agree with the group. You seem like a shoe-in for an allocation.
  14. http://www.metronews.ca/news/edmonton/2016...curity-cam.html
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