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  1. Your H is a beast, but I'm surprised the 675 didn't do better on the roll. I ran 6.57 60-130 last summer in my LTS with 600 miles on it. A friend just picked up an H with FabS. exhaust.. Sounds epic. It will be an interesting comparo.
  2. Agree ^^ Might consider deleting the rear bumper.. really enhances the profile. When you get used to the handling or want to keep up in the twisties with the current supercar set, look at Alman's Ohlins coilovers.. they revolutionize the handling. http://www.ahlmaneng.com/products Enjoy it - everyone loves the FGT
  3. Thanks. There are a few coupes on the market and at least a couple of Spiders.
  4. Thanks guys. @ 1250 miles: Tough to keep under triple digits, the acceleration is shocking (for a stock car), yet so approachable. Ride quality is miles better than any other 'super'car I've driven. Hell, it rides more compliantly than my RRSS. Brakes are staggering. Sounds great in a not-quite-as-great-as-the-NA-Italians kind of way. Chassis flex is nada - truly a revolution. Handling is so much better than I am, and on the street, better than virtually everyone I'd imagine. Must get this to the track soon.
  5. 10 day / 1000 mile review. Fking wow. yes, yes I realize there are bugs on the front.. impromptu photo op with another car
  6. Maddy loves supercars and Lambo's in particular. Our lone Lambo participant had a last minute conflict so we had to make due with the ragtag bunch you see pictured. She still loved it. A couple of pics of the graduation decorations her parents put together below Maddy was voted the homecoming queen of her class. We're hoping for another run to help her celebrate her college graduation in a few years.
  7. It's back... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lamborghini-Diablo...em=391206457656
  8. @ alpha6164 Related to donzikid's post directly above: If this is what you bought: http://www.challengerlifts.com/CL4P9_spec.shtml Your cars will 'fit', but you might find that your back wheels - for both of your cars - may hang off the sides of the ramps of that lift. The specs show the ramps are 20" across each + 37.4" between them = 77.4". Your Diablo is listed as 80" wide and your Murci is listed as 81". I was warned about width of my FGT (77" rear track width) when looking for a lift. I went BendPak (no affiliation) HD-9 and HD-9XW respectively. At max width setting (adjustable), 19" ramps x 2 + 44.4" between them = 82.4" Probably not a safety issue, but it will force you to be pretty precise loading on-center.
  9. I have a garage here ^^.. it's ~ 6 miles from my house. I only have room at home for one 'fun' car and rotate said fun car with others on the way to and from work or on the weekends. If you don't have the space at home, and you don't want to move, then IMO it's a very viable alternative - provided you're within 15 minutes. One advantage of a dedicated 'car' space is that it allows one to work on cars at a level that you probably wouldn't do at home - fabricating, welding, etc. It also may allow you to store boats/toys/RV's. That's a common cross-use at AMP. Scotty created his own uni-garage for a number of guys to share the common area... not a bad play. FWIW - AutoMotorplex has about 125 units.
  10. Hey brother, didnt get your PM. Can you hit me again?
  11. Please PM price. Thanks.
  12. Sounds like you shifted very early into 5th. What RPM redline are you using w/ Torrie's tune? Should be +/- 7K rpms. With his tune, exhaust and TB, you should be running close to 660whp and running away from a non-upgraded MC IMO. Best.
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