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  1. I was lucky enough to see the Sesto at the museum 2 years ago.
  2. http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20744 Looks like the car was in Houston at one point. I found a pic of it with Randy from Lambo Houston, I bet he would know about it.
  3. I stumbled on this site a while back: http://www.namingforce.com/ In short, you can describe your business and a bunch of people submit names for it.
  4. I worked in health insurance for a while. If the CPT codes were submitted wrong then they need to be re-submitted... that is not enough grounds to deny a claim. She may need to ask BCBS for a "benefits exception". On paper she may not have coverage but sometimes you can make a case, medically, to have it covered. It's likely they will want to exhaust any other (cheaper) alternatives. Your doctor will need to write a letter as to why she needs the procedure. If she looses her job or has low enough income she may qualify for a state or county subsidized plan. In my experience, the coverage on those plans is even better than the private plans. She could also try to shop on the open market but she will need a special enrollment reason (loss of job, move out of state, birth of a child, divorce, etc). Or she will have to wait until open enrollment for 2016. Go check out BCBS' website, find the type of policy she has, find the FULL contract, and then search for the procedure she needs. There may be a process listed to get the coverage she needs. If her plan is not available on their site, have them send you the full plan docs. Do not schedule any surgery until you have written confirmation of coverage.
  5. "Prismatic" wrap. These guys have some: http://alsacorp.com/strechchrome/
  6. EpDarks

    New Toy

    Got one for my daughter. Happy birthday sweetie!
  7. I got a factory tour today and saw two 'Cans in white. They said they were the first 2 customer cars but I'm thinking they are demos. They also said that the customer cars would be in production within the next few days, but the assembly line seemed a bit bare compared to the Aventador line. No pics from the factory tour of course.
  8. I'm trying to get a realistic expectation for Gallardo and LP560 pricing over the next 2, 5 or even 10 years. If we look at current pricing, in the USA, I'll use round numbers (clean title, no story cars, average between colors, options, transmission, modifications, etc). It seems the 04-05 cars with 15-30k miles are selling between $80-100k. 06-08 cars between $100-120k. 560's seem to be north of $130k. Low mileage cars seem co command about 10-15% more $. High mileage G's as low as $65k. With 14,000+ Gs produced, how much further down will these go? Do you see USA Gallardos selling overseas over the next decade, reducing the number stateside? It seems the market for Gallardos was even better (cheaper), in 2009-2010... are we headed back in that direction now? Are there any other exotics, maybe the Ferrari 360 or 355, which might give us a trend for the Gallardo? At what price point will the G bottom out? TIA
  9. I'd like to draw some parallels to the BMW market which I am more familiar with. With older BMWs, rare options bring more money. If you look at the early E36s which have cloth seats, the seats alone could increase the sales price of the car by 10%. No sunroof cars sell for more than sunroof cars. Manual seats are generally more desired than electric. On paper it doesn't make sense. Anyone buying a $40k BMW in 1995 would surely want leather seats, right? So 2% of M3s sold with cloth. As the world turns, now the cloth seats are what everyone wants. There is also the argument of weight. You could have a relatively lightweight Aventador if you forget all of the options. If you're lucky, you'll find someone who wants a "stripper" Aventador. In a decade, as all of the supercars become saddled with loads of electronics and complexity (they already are), it's possible that certain owners will lust after a basic build. Just playing devils advocate.....
  10. Cheapest G in the country? Highest mileage G? What do you guys think of the price? Hope the link works. If not... black/black, E-gear, aftermarket wheels, a couple of crappy mods. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/ve...dex=3&Log=0
  11. Check this out.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lamborghini-Other-...=US_Cars_Trucks Item#: 261317313505
  12. I've been in sales for 4 years and I'm not at a Lambo level yet so take my advice at face value. I find that a well balanced life helps me succeed at work. I travel a lot, each time I return home I work harder. I also volunteer with special needs children one day a week during the winters (teaching them to snowboard). The perspective they give me is priceless. Your problems at work aren't real, compared to what they deal with on a daily basis. I also donate .5% of my income to the Autism Society of America automatically via payroll deduction. The more deals I do, the more autistic people I can help. The dollar amounts aren't huge but I cherish the fact that when I win, autistic kids are winning with me. As far as losing deals, deals come and go... keep pushing.
  13. White Murci roadster spotted in Brooklyn. Anyone on here?
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