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  1. I'm going to go at it with full force! I'm on the LA/Orange county border and from the sounds of toughness in the LA market, I'ill be focusing on the OC area. The traffic's better out that way too. I'm going to start with laptops/tablets and expand my targets as I grow comfortable with valuation and haggling. Will keep you guys posted (and feel free to show me anything you think I should pounce on--I'm willing to take risks)
  2. Hey pock, it all sounds good and we actually do that right now (training, performance incentives, adjustments). This plan is meant as an evolution of the current model. If I can't find or train qualified people overseas then I can keep everything in house and either listen to multiple lines myself or hire a sales manager who's strong in coaching. The main question I have is "Will direct monitoring and timely encouragement & feedback improve performance?" My hunch for door to door sales is "Yes" due to the draining nature of the job, but we'll see.
  3. Cake, just wanted to say thanks for the guidance--your response was just what I was hoping for Redlambo; you sound like a damn fine salesman! The guys I employ are the "$12/hr crowd" if you know what I mean. Turnover is high, and their task is primarily prospecting which IMO is tougher and less intrinsically rewarding than the rest of the sale. Depending on the situation, when we get a lead they'll call me to try to commit the prospect or secure an appointment themselves.
  4. I'm not the type to stand around at the water cooler either but I'm feeling that most would benefit from having someone there to talk to. As far as I can tell the number #1 killer of motivation is a stream of negative thought patterns that begins to dwell up inside the person. I could also require a more regimented conversation: Feedback after every contact, analysis of hot buttons found/missed, constant script practice, affirmation statements, etc. I know a very successful businessman who killed the competition by training his sales staff more hours than anyone else. The lost time on the floor was made up by the increase to skills, motivation, comraderie. I'm trying to emulate this in a field setting.
  5. Hi; yes they would be on the phone for the entire shift (but not holding it--the phone would be hidden away in a shirt pocket). I control & train the virtual staff directly. The primary purpose is not time logging--it is to keep them positive, motivated, and constantly improving. Hope that clarifies
  6. Hi everyone; I'm thinking about having my door to door salesmen in constant contact with virtual staff in the Philippines. Every salesperson would be paired with a "virtual buddy" via cell phone speakerphone for their entire 4 hour shift. The goals are: 1) To keep the salesperson motivated throughout the day by having a friendly & supportive person always in contact 2) To have instant feedback on all calls delivered and discussed. The only time the pair would NOT speak is when the salesperson is talking to a prospect. This makes up a fraction of the salesperson's field time (most people aren't home so there's a lot of "dead time" in between conversations. I believe this to be a bad thing for most people) I'm not an experienced sales manager so I thought I'd ask for some feedback on this plan. The added labor & phone costs are not an issue (if this has any positive effect--I'm working with big margins); I want my guys to be more effective, have more fun on the job, and have less staff turnover. Thanks
  7. ultra gay and the 3some cat is hilarious :lol2:
  8. really thought that was a mirror. those kids are good
  9. really nice! :eusa_dance:
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