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  1. The only thing that separates an S1 from S2, as we know it today, are the wheels. So many little changes within the S1 run, things became more consistent with the S2.
  2. Leather pouch, tool pouch and tools, bulb kit, plug in light and belt. $1500
  3. Call John for pricing and options. http://www.goldlinebrakes.com/
  4. Looks great! I remember seeing it in Seattle years back, good to know you still own it!
  5. As of tonight, my right front caliper is hanging up on my 91. Looks like it's time to rebuild mine. Any part numbers found for the rebuild kits?
  6. Swing the hammer like a man!! WTF!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!
  7. Bad picture, but you get the idea. I have two of everything, except the inflator and tow bar
  8. I have a complete original kit. I'll post pics tonight
  9. I don't think they used one specific stereo on early cars. I'll post a pictue of mine later.
  10. Been a multi for years. Didn't know till now, this was the place to ask.
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