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So I got a Urus and I am in love with it!! I will use it in our next journey around the world and we can be more extreme as a team .. I drove it down 5th ave yesterday in America’s largest Veteran day parade ... and when in Strada ... I was able to hear my father speaking so clear and he told me many wonderful things I’ll never forget.  Thank God I spent this parade in the Urus ... it was perfect for him and me.  I will share our around the world footage soon and then this will be used and I hope to have fun.  I will do whatever it takes to make that happen and to make each moment personal and enjoyable 






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3 hours ago, Destructo said:

I expected nothing less from you, always taking it to the 9's! Congrats and glad you're out using and enjoying it.

Any performsnce mods planned? 

 thank you.  I was at the customer feedback thing in 2011 and they were all about "utility" like do I need ("need" this for dogs; kids; golf; (no no and no) I have everything I need.  I didn't even think I wanted this.  now that I have it I am certain I didn't need it; but its so fun and awesome … its now … something I cant believe I didn't have before.  How did I NOT have a big powerful chrome lambo truck?? I never want there to be a world without big chrome lambo trucks... ever. 

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when the doors open in my Urus... there needs to be smoke and angels singing


you know like …. like I have in MY SVJ!  I love that option.  the Facial freeze


even though the post has my name... it didn't have to.   the smnoke effect in my Urus is exactly what i want and that means ..

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On 8/22/2019 at 7:08 PM, Griza said:


i have not seen a luminous wrap before, so I was wondering if it was an EL panel or Lumilor paint


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On 9/5/2019 at 1:29 PM, Destructo said:

How was Burning Man? I'm curious for some stories! 



Did he die? Yes, he did, the officer replied.  The officer also advised that it would be another five hours in the already three-hour wait online to enter Burning Man. 

The line of cars and trucks entering Burning Man was 20 through 30,000 vehicles long. It's a one lane road that goes through Native American tribal lands; and the most unforgiving lifeless portions of the desert. The event is held at Blackrock City and Blackrock City is a dry lake bed with not one single form of life. Not a blade of grass, nothing! 


The magic of Burning Man is that every year over 80,000 people, for good reason for no reason, take their possessions and their vehicles and a pack for ten days to survive fully self-supportive in the most unforgiving landscape on the earth. How unforgiving is it? During the day it's well over 100° and at night it's under 60°. There is an alkaline sand powder substance that makes the floor of the "playa" which is the area where the event is held. This alkaline dust will get into every pore of your body,then it will burn and then it will cause irritation. It is impossible to keep it out of your camping gear; the trailer; the RV; the car; your clothes; your hair… It's everywhere. By 15 hours in the dust you feel like you been there 10 years. Worse than that, you are not allowed to put one drop of water or refuse anywhere in Black Rock City. Black Rock City, being a vacant landscape, requires that you pick up everything and that you don't even have shower water hit the ground. In the 10 days that you are there, if you require urination or a bowel movement, those things will be done in containers that you will save and bring out of Black Rock City… with you. Once again, the entire landscape is blank, not a toothpick or a blade of grass. By day two of the event there would be giant structures; a full society; almost 100,000 people; buildings and art reaching 60 and 70 feet in the air, the enormity of the art projects and structures is heightened by the blank landscape and the white alkaline powder. 


Burning Man had started, and everyone does their own individual burn different ways. There are monks that build Sandcastles… It takes them a year to build the Sandcastle grain by grain. These are works of art. Once per year they take the Sandcastle that they built and destroy it completely. This shows the temporary nature of things; how things can change; and these monks state that the purpose of doing this is to call a community to meditation and awareness of something larger than their own small world. The ritual destruction of the Sandcastle is likened to symbolize the ephemerality of life in the world. The Sandcastle itself has the purpose of transforming an ordinary mind into an enlightened one and according to Buddhist scripture the "Mandalas" (Sandcastle) is constructed from sand to transmit positive energies to the environment and the people who view it. 


The Mandala shows up in cultures of several indigenous tribes in the United States. The most common Mandalas are the ones that are currently being constructed by the Buddhist monks in Tibet; India; Nepal China; Bhutan and Indonesia. The Mandalasdate back to the first century in these societies. It was interesting to know that the American indigenous tribes also use mandalas. I thought of burning man as a mandala. Something that is built up to create positive energy and then it is destroyed with purpose, even if the purpose is to show that things change, and rebirth and renewal can be good. 


It is with this philosophy that I went to burning man. The cost of traveling to burning man in a Lamborghini SUV with a high maintenance blonde… gut wrenching… Unbelievable! Furthermore, the setting up of a camp with portable showers and water reclaiming basins; 10 days of food; wind and sun-structures; all of it done during sandstorms or in the evening. It was brutal. The alkaline sand and powder is soothing at first. After approximately 15 hours it's irritating. After three days it is more than irritating, it becomes a part of you. 


I was upset to learn that many people had placed meanings (their own individual meaning) into this event. That happens. For each person the event mean meant something different. I didn't feel the "collectiveness" that I feel in rallies because there was no specific destination at which all participants would cross the finish line. Here it was more about following the rules and contributing in many ways. The rules get more complex than I would like, and a society is formed. Complete society is formed within the 10 days of Burning Man. A society with a hospital; Department of Motor Vehicles; a hierarchy; security; some electric grids; and a semblance of chaos. At the end, I had met so many people who had so many different meanings for the Burning Man that I felt I had nothing in common with a good portion of the people there. Nevertheless, my burn was epic. 


Entering Burning Man was an eight-hour experience online with over 20 through 30,000 other "burners". Every car, RV and 4 x 4 was packed to the gills with bicycles (the only mode of transportation in Black Rock City) camping gear; ridiculous clothing and accessories; and food and supplies for 10 days. Black Rock City has no electric nor does it have an infrastructure and it has no plumbing. Water cannot be used if it touches the ground. These make for a very "loaded" vehicle when one is entering Black Rock City. Every vehicle looks like the person and it has their possessions strapped to the vehicle. When 20 through 30,000 of these fully packed vehicles are in one line waiting to get into an area, it is more than surreal. The landscape was foreign if not Martian. It was dust with no plants and nothing alive. It was as if I was a refugee and I was seeking sweet salvation in Burning Man. The scene was as large as anything I've ever seen. The only thing larger, would have been a full military takeover. Never been in the military but I assume the movement of 80,000 individuals is just as awesome in war as a visual. Here, there were more vehicles. For every two people there was one vehicle. Therefore, it was much more sizable than 80,000 soldiers walking or marching. It was as if we were conquering the West one RV at a time. 


It happened. When the moment happens, you will know it. It happened four days into the event. This is the moment that I have felt in many rallies and the moment is one that I cherish. The moment I'm speaking of can be described as this: "there was a time when you are so far from home, in such a foreign land with foreign people and you have been gone so long that you actually don't believe you can ever go back to the person you were. You have gone so far from who you thought you were, that you don't know if it's possible to return." I was under a tent and it was 110°. I was trying to stay still so that I wouldn't suffer from heat exhaustion. I was covered with alkaline powder and it was irritating every cell of my body. I had containers of fecal matter and urine and food that I no longer wanted to eat as it was 110°. I was drinking warm water, sometimes 4 gallons a day. It is that point when I looked around at the sheer size of my camp; the 80,000 people around us; and the foreign landscaped and unforgiving beating sun, that I didn't see how I went from Bryan Salamone in a suit and tie in New York to Bryan at burning man under a silver tent hiding from the sun as if it was a magnifying glass sent to wipe me out. I had felt this feeling in Japan after 48 hours of sleep at high speeds; and I feel that felt this feeling in Arizona. The feeling that you can't escape the heat; the feeling that there is no shade from the sun; the panic that occurs when you are so far from home you don't think you can ever return. It is this feeling that I live for. It is the end of most all of my adventures. 


Upon feeling that feeling that I know so well, my particular burn ended. Everything else was gravy. What struck me most was that everybody had their own meaningful of what Burning Man meant to them. Some people were condescending to new burners. That is not good. For all the good that a society brings, I saw this at Burning Man. For the bad that society brings, I saw some of that at Burning Man. Burning man starts as a blank slate; and then it transforms into a city with a population of almost 100,000 people where it subsides for 10 days and is completely broken down to a perfect blank slate. In that time, layers upon layers of society is built. It is amazing to see how a place with zero population balloons to 100,000 people and a full formed society in less than five days and then goes back to zero in less than another five days. It is one of the most fascinating sociological experiments I've ever been part of. It was incredible that everyone was individual yet collective. 


The theme of this year’s Burning man was Metamorphosis. For me, the metamorphosis occurred when I realized the layers of society around me in the normal world. What it really takes to live on earth whether it's the food; utilities; plumbing…. All of it; everything is taken for granted and when you break it all down, we are all animals hiding under something looking for some shade from the sun. This changed me. This changed me in a good way, and I was most pleased to be broken down to the point of absolute zero where it was just me and the elements. It is at that point that I was able to rebuild burn and return home. From something came nothing and then from nothing and something else. Some people put great meaning to the things, some people get upset when others don't place the same meaning or value on something. Here everyone had their own definition of what Burning Man meant to them. For me, it was the single most amazing scene. When you're in the center of the "playa" and you're surrounded by giant towering art objects and 80,000 individuals, there is great energy. The playa is empty,and it is encircled by the camps at Burning Man. In the center of the circle there is nothing and is surrounded by incredible population of interesting and eccentric people. The society forms and you watch it form before your own eyes. Standing in this empty circle you can hear 80,000 people, and you can feel their energy. The desert absolutely comes alive at night with the celebrations of light and fire. It is the closest thing to being on Mars that I could ever imagine. 


As always, people asked me “would you go again?” That's a complicated answer. I love the bicycling aspect and I feel extremely free on a bicycle. I believe I will go each year. And if I don't, it’s my understanding that the man will burn with or without me. As it should be.


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