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  1. patbarrett

    Ceramic / nano coating?

    I ordered cquartz ceramic applied it myself. Dropped car off with detailer for paint correction and then applied coating at home. The coating has made maintaining and washing the car much, much easier. The car does not appear to get as dusty as it did before the coating. Wish I made the switch away from sealants sooner. It was not any more difficult to apply than a more “traditional” synthetic sealant that requires thin, even coats. The trick for me was getting in done early enough in the day to not be outside the recommended temperature range in Arizona. I think it got a little too warm near the end and some of the last areas I did have little streaks(that only I can see.) The cquartz, or most any ceramic consumers can buy, does not have the longevity of professional products. Car looks great now, but having to go through the whole process again in a year or two makes me wonder if I would have been better off just paying a pro to do it for a longer lasting product.
  2. Saw article stating passenger passed away. Very sad.
  3. patbarrett

    The upcoming eclipse

    We were on the south side of Casper, closest landmark (at least as described by the locals) was the the Walmart. There were a handful of us from the AirBNB that made the hike up the hill. After reading the nightmare scenarios in Oregon, we decided to drive up very early on Saturday morning and were literally the only people on the road. Kept checking the GPS throughout the weekend to see drive times and they all looked normal into Casper. Looked the same way getting out of town and it took 12 hours, so I’m assuming the GPS just was not working like usual for that stretch. How bad was the delay getting into town? Did you hear all the buzz in Casper about the “Saudi Prince that rented the steakhouse”? haha
  4. patbarrett

    The upcoming eclipse

    Spent the weekend in Casper, WY. Was really impressed with the job the town/county did to prepare. The, normally, 4 hour drive to DEN airport took 12 hours, but I (surprisingly) could not have cared less after just seeing a total solar eclipse. We stayed just under a mile from the projected dead center path of totality, but decided to hike “away” from the center and up a small mountain/giant hill on our AirBNB host’s property. Very glad we did this to get a better view of the “360 degree sunset." Here are my blurry pictures! Panoramic iPhone picture at totality(11:44am): Totality: Video of the horizon(looking away from sun) as totality began(1x speed):
  5. patbarrett

    The upcoming eclipse

    Flying to Denver and driving to Casper, WY to see the eclipse. Wonder how bad the traffic will be...
  6. patbarrett

    50 dead is mass shooting at florida gay club

    You think it is responsible to bring a gun into a bar??
  7. patbarrett


    Seems like an idea that would come from either a high school student or Wiggs
  8. patbarrett

    Things that make you LOL!

  9. patbarrett

    Opening a coffee shop

    Charming Coffee Joyful Coffee Jolly Coffee Sunbeam Coffee Radiant Coffee Maple Coffee Maple Oak Coffee Blue Sky Coffee Sunshine Coffee Funshine Coffee Koala Coffee Green Tree Coffee Paradise Coffee Mango Coffee Pineapple Coffee Passionfruit Coffee Star Apple Coffee Coral Coffee Palm Cove Coffee Mangrove Coffee
  10. patbarrett

    I-10 Shootings

    Been paying more attention to my surroundings on I-10 and the most scary thing is seeing so many people completely engrossed in their cell phone while driving. Aside from that, there is a noticeable increase in police presence on the freeways in downtown Phoenix and I don't know anybody that is actually avoiding the roadways because of the shooter. Now, this jackass is out and about keeping our streets safe:
  11. patbarrett

    All these big $ car rallies, are they really fun?

    You are forgetting that you get to pretend to be famous for a few days while meeting EVERY 14 year old photographer along the route!!!
  12. patbarrett

    Hate when dogs get sick.

    Treatments worked as long as they could... my little Princess went to doggy heaven on Saturday. :-(
  13. It's your own damn fault you ever expect the media to focus on actual important things instead of the Kardashians.
  14. patbarrett

    Thanks toAZLambo and Cross Country in a Gallardo

    those look great on the car! Congrats again