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  1. koenig928

    The news we have been waiting for

    I live in an agriculture area. Mostly strawberries, blue berries, and corn is big. Our local university tried growing avocado's and Kiwi fruit. What ended up working was tomatoes and even certain peppers. So the last ten years green houses have been popping up all over the place. So can see one day, they'll be successful in all fruits and veggies via the green houses..... If they don't kill their labor force first. info here: https://globalnews.ca/news/3908127/delta-fa...fety-protocols/
  2. koenig928

    Home speakers

    Not for a home theater but home stereo I'm thinking of picking this up: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/bnc/ele/d/v...6378944866.html had an updated version in 1988. My now x-girlfriend was using it to record songs onto CD's for the YMCA outdated sound system........ She taught a few workout classes there. Great sound from that stereo!
  3. koenig928

    Fuck da police!

    The real problem is law enforcement has lowered the bar on their hires. They've also lowered the training standards as well. Criminals have also lowered the bar on going to jail or not. Net, police need to be dirt bags or they'll get easily killed on the streets.
  4. koenig928

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    I'm more into wealth management VS trying to double or triple my "investment". I mostly do what's called Guaranteed Investment Certificates. The principal is guaranteed from losses. Sure its a lousy return and even capped at $100k per certificate. Its enough too cover my house expenses and that's what I care about now. I'll venture in mining stocks. But I'm an insider on those. Too early to promote now. I buy too sell and not as an "investor". The real wealth in stocks is being on the back end of the deal. Like Warren Buffet or even say Mark Cuban! Tech is basically dead as a wealth building tool.
  5. koenig928

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    The part I have a problem with is its very hard to get wealth out. Sure a few high ticket items can be bought, etc. But too get the mcmillions out it becomes very complex......... My bank deposits are 100% insured by the government. Its easy to get large money orders via cashier checks or transfer wealth around the globe. As my bank is global as an entity. They have atms and branches in England and also Hong Kong. This beats bitcoin all day long..................
  6. Merica is too complex to say this and that led too this now...... I like Canada and our tax system. Over tax me I'll move to the UK and pay zero income taxes......... Its that simple. info here from our government: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/ser...a.html#txblgtns
  7. koenig928

    Fuck da police!

    I'm not a fan of tats...... Losers and non officers in the military get them! Most police in Canada have non visible tats policy. So in general especially The RCMP don't look like uneducated gang members with tats all over.
  8. The problem with dealer plates is most jurisdictions have laws surrounding their usage. If caught doing it for personnel use, stiff penalties can be applied. In greedy California. They have penalties including tax evasion and avoiding their smog test, etc.........
  9. koenig928

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Nothing backs bitcoin. The second people have trouble cashing in their bitcoins. The market will stampede for the exit. Again they tried the same in Holland in the 1800's. Those "invested" in bitcoin should look at Greece without a bailout! The debt in the US is tremendous. Cities going bankrupt, etc. Now you want to try lower taxes, etc...... JFK did the same and that got carried forward in the 1970's energy crisis. US again is on the same course with no "assets" to prevent the crash!
  10. koenig928

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    Oh markets have never crashed in Merica........
  11. koenig928

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    I'm in near 100% cash again. Mostly US dollars. I see the writing on the wall. All markets are going to crash within the next year. I don't "invest"...... I buy too sell. I laugh at geeks working on "apps" great way too go broke. Bitcoin is fantasy and we'll see more "fortunes" lost then made!
  12. koenig928

    Awesome vintage exotic car dealership

    Canada has a 15 year exemption deal. As in vehicles 15 years or older don't have to comply with our rules and regulations on safety and emissions, etc...... Net people have been importing from Asia and Dubai, etc. For a long while. 99% of these are crap boxes!
  13. koenig928

    Los Angeles recommendations?

    Oh for hotels, not much difference between a Marriot residence inn suite and say the Beverly Hills Hilton. I like the Beverly Hills Residence Inn by Marriot.. Recently remodeled, you get a decent suite for around what a room in say Hollywood costs at the Best Western..... Again nice valet parking. Decent bar, etc. Not busy traffic wise. And not a lot of people think Beverly Hills as being not expensive........ I like taking kids there. Its Beverly Hills safety factor. With decent food walking distance. Since its not busy most times of the year. On sites like priceline its the best price in Bevery Hills and West Hollywood, etc..... Its a "boutique" hotel experience..... http://www.beverlyhillsresidenceinn.com/?g...ASAAEgJl2fD_BwE At night its much safer for the wife and kids too walk up Beverly Drive at night too get a lousy California Pizza Kitchen snack VS West Hollywood after dark.
  14. koenig928

    Los Angeles recommendations?

    As far as car spotting goes. The best spot is the Mel's diner or whatever on Sunset. They have valet parking, so its easy to park there. The food is good for a "family" type dinning chain. They have patio seating that is often empty most nights. So its easy to get a patio seat for car spotting. Its burger and fries mostly, but they make a decent burger. And have good deli style sandwiches like a Club House, etc..... For non "fancy" dining and atmosphere it can't be beat deal wise.