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  1. Congrats! Your tastfully modified Huracan looks gorgeous! Great work!
  2. Sir_Ferrari

    My Bugatti Chiron has arrived

    Congratulations! Very beautiful configuration! Love the blue carbon! Well done!
  3. Sir_Ferrari

    My new Huracan - Grigio Lynx

    Congratulation! Very beautiful and tasteful color combination!
  4. Sir_Ferrari

    Kermit the frog "Huracan"

    Congratulation Ryan! You have chosen a great color combination! Please get a picture of your whole Lamborghini collection! That would look stunning!
  5. Sir_Ferrari

    ag07's new Arancio Huracán

    Congratulation ag07! Great looking exterior of your Huracan!
  6. Sir_Ferrari

    LamboPower First Huracan Delivery

    Congratulation! Great looking Huracan!
  7. Sir_Ferrari

    Lamborghini Asterion

    The Lamborghini Asterion concept car ist very beautiful and elegant. It's one of the best looking cars from this brand. I hope this car will get into production! Well done Lamborghini!
  8. Sir_Ferrari

    Lamborghini Gallardo SR66.2 FL

    Lamborghini Gallardo bodykit made by Suhorovsky Design What do you guys think of it? Here is the homepage of this tuning company:
  9. Sir_Ferrari

    My 50th Roadster Arrived!

    Congratulation! Your Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary looks stunning! Yellow is "the" Lamborghini color! Like red for a Ferrari ...
  10. Sir_Ferrari

    LP-720 Roadster

    Congratulation, Cody! Your Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary looks great!
  11. Sir_Ferrari

    Verde Singh 50th Anniversario Aventador Roadster

    Congratulation, Kris! Your Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary looks just stunning!!!
  12. Sir_Ferrari

    Lamborghini Veneno

    Kris have you also purchased the open version of the Veneno?
  13. Sir_Ferrari

    Lambo no mo

    Congratulation! Now, you have bought a proper sportscar A LP 670-4 SV would fit perfectly to this collection!
  14. Sir_Ferrari

    You Might Shed a Few Tears

    That's the reason when rich daddy's son is driving like an asshole! Poor Lambo!
  15. Sir_Ferrari

    Lamborghini Veneno

    It's off topic but is this your Aventador Kris?