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  1. Sounds so damn good! Dealer claims he has four more at MSRP.
  2. I understood Michael Brown's verdict, but Eric Garners has be baffled.
  3. Recently got a new email address. How can I change the current one, so I can start receiving all my notifications on the new one?
  4. Congrats! We might as well start calling you SV King!
  5. Love the white SV on matte black! Should sell quick with only 3200 miles.
  6. Would love to see detailed pics of everything Detailing Dynamics added to your car! Congrats on the purchase!
  7. Any pics? Sounds like a great car. Huge fan of the looks!
  8. Looks stunning! Enjoy it!
  9. These are absolutely amazing. You could stare at the sky for hours and hours and never get tired.
  10. Be sure to post it in here once you find it! Congrats on the car, love the red accented engine bay. Can't wait to see more pics of it!
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