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  1. rmtn

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Is there a black them for this new platform? This all white is a bit bright. Respect, if it is underway and coming.
  2. rmtn

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Lambo Power is dead. All hail the new lambo Power!
  3. rmtn

    Un-fcuking-believable Bugatti Chiron

    That was not an easy task. Un-fcuking-believable sounds about right.
  4. rmtn

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Let me clarify.
  5. rmtn

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    I don't hate Tim he is great guy like many stated. But oversaturation is the word, I have seen hundreds of his films and after somepoint it comes just hard to watch, you get the point after watching this his video entirely: ps. And yes you all made think about making combo video where Shmee is introducing and pointing at the yelling & jumping idiot but I cant sacrifice my internet search history & cookies for that noble cause. I would be seeing suggestions of that yelling idiot for next year. I hope you all understand.
  6. rmtn

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    His personality outside of that cant justify it. He is a worst kind of person because of the act, no matter how normal is he othervise. I am sure Hitler was pretty mild guy if you were his florist in Neuschwanstein Castle but it does not make his other sins go away.
  7. rmtn

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    I've met him also few times: Gumball rally in Finland years a go and got an interview from him to one media outlet 2017 in UK. He is good guy definately. But I still can't watch the videos, thumbnail images where he is squatting and pointing to the obvious car next to him. I cant take that no more. Also the overenthusiasm and sheer volume of the intro on of every video can rip ears off.
  8. rmtn

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    Get me a plane ticket, I can toss that kid into dumpster.
  9. rmtn

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    Few friends have hybrid BMW's and at winter they have been extremely useless. Very sluggish to even move when it is -10 °c or below.
  10. rmtn

    Is the Model X a perfect daily driver?

    That is usually called as unveiling at car dealership or showroom. They really are new at the game lol
  11. rmtn

    Things that make you LOL!

    Happy weekend people!
  12. rmtn

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    Killer car! Now where are pics of the Fortis cars? I have been so little on the forum that I have totally missed them.
  13. rmtn

    RyFips meets Daily Driven Exotics

    Rhyno you are great guys, as great as your cars. It was very enjoyable to watch.
  14. rmtn

    Porsche 919 smashes another lap record

    Otherworldy. Insane car, driver and lap. This will obliterate FOS hill climb record on Goodwood. I would love to see that live!
  15. rmtn

    The Performante encounter...

    I am 100kg guy and I cant wait to be crying in your Performante!