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  1. cake

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Glad it’s back i even logged into FB to find updates (found nothing). Not a fan of FB so I’ll just check back here daily if it’s down. Looking forward to the improvements. Thanks mods for all your work. Much appreciated.
  2. cake

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Exciting couple of weeks!! Congrats and enjoy in the best of health! Time to update your signature
  3. cake


    Elegant! Enjoy in the best of health!
  4. cake

    Aretha Franklin Won't Be Giving Respect...

    RIP to the Queen of soul A legend.
  5. cake

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    To my eye it looks like an after-thought that was stuck-on To each their own. Do what makes YOU smile!
  6. Looks like both sections will remain per Rory’s previous post: “Please read the following ~ Post will be made invisible if any rules are not met, and brought back once the appropriate changes are put in place. Sellers - For the listing to be approved, the following requirements MUST be met: Any vehicle is permitted as on this forum as long as it is not a Lamborghini. (May not be the best forum for your Toyota Tercel) Pictures of the vehicle must be provided At least one photo must be provided that shows your username written on something with either the vehicle key or part of the vehicle in the picture. Asking price must be included along with form of payments accepted. VIN must be included. Location and price must be included in the topic title. No Ebay links or links to 3rd party website for sale ads are permitted If you have any questions regarding the above policies, please feel welcome to message me directly. Rory”
  7. cake

    New track tool

    +1^ Is the VIN really 666? Either way - HOT car!
  8. cake

    New track tool

    Congrats & enjoy in the best of health! It’ll be interesting to hear what you think on the track. It’s a TREMENDOUS amount of power!
  9. cake

    My Murcie.....

    Beautiful Love that color and SV nose - so aggressive! Enjoy for many kilometers in the best of health!
  10. cake

    Diecast and scale models - post 'em here

    That’s gorgeous ^ Thanks for sharing!
  11. cake

    Garage coming along

  12. cake

    Allan is pissed!!!

    Killer color combo!!!!! Luv it! Congrats and enjoy in the best of health
  13. cake


    Yes yes yes!! (now I need a cigarette...)
  14. cake

    Ceramic / nano coating?

    Thanks Jonsav for weighing in As for 7 years - I figured who could really "prove" it lasted that long - but it doesn't matter. In 7 years if we still had the car, we'd probably be replacing PPF and re-doing ceramic anyway. I agree about putting it over PPF except for the slight difference in sheen. You don't really save much by telling them to only put it on paint so we just have the entire car done. As for the car that's fully wrapped - it does make it wash easier, and as Fortis said - bugs come off really easily (more so than naked PPF).