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  1. This explains why I got confused. I thought things had really come down and were way below expectations. Sounds like they have just cooled and were roughly within expectations.
  2. Ouch.... Seems like things cooled down quite a bit this year. I saw a couple articles already about disappointing auction results. Thanks for posting this!!
  3. It is too bad you have not had more good experiences. I feel really lucky to have met some great people and made some good friends in the Lamborghini community.
  4. I think I am in the minority. I think that when I buy a car, it is mine. I buy them for me. I couldn't care less about the next owner, beyond getting a decent sale. It actually bothers me to think of someone else owning my car at some point. I have never felt the "stewardship role" people talk about.
  5. This is the list I start with. GT Car Parts please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors = (This is what happens when I type "Lamb0Stuff") Evans Auto Italian car parts Autoricambi de"Epoca If you strike out with these, keep an eye on eBay. Not sure where, but Lamborghini probably sourced it from another manufacturer. If you can find out what other car uses the same knob, you will probably have a much easier time.
  6. Did anyone take advantage of the the factory offer to help pick up some of the costs of the event if you brought a car over? Still expensive, but it sounded really fun. Have your car shipped over and tour around Japan after participating in the show. I have seen a couple events like this, and they always get me daydreaming.....
  7. Here is the list and you can decide for yourself 350 GTV 400 GT Convertable 3500 GTZ Zagato 400 GT Monza Flying Star II Marzal Miura Roadster Cheetah Bravo Athon 1971 Countach Faena Cala P140 Zagato Raptor Canto
  8. Thank you so much for the tip! I considered switching my vacation around for this. We had been planning to go to Japan in the next year or two. Unfortunately we just booked a different trip, but I really appreciate the info. One of these days I am going to take the car to one of these international events!
  9. Amazing guy. Went to Concorso and said hello. He immediately offered me a glass of Lamborghini wine and treated me like an old friend.
  10. I just looked online, but could not find a set. Not long ago, there were a couple complete sets and some individual pieces available on eBay. If you don't find any right away, I would keep checking eBay. They come up from time to time.
  11. That was a hell of a crash! The deploy-able roll cage beams are even up. The car thought it was going over.
  12. Make sure your spare tire set up is up to task. I blew a tire on a rally in the middle of no where. I usually bring coolant , oil, some basic tools, and flares on any longer trip. Vintage cars are a little different, but sound advice I think.
  13. That is an incredible set up and collection. Hoping to get mine looking like that in the near future. Congrats. It is spectacular.
  14. I think if you are going to race something on a track, you have to be prepared for that kind of result. SUCKS, but race cars crash.
  15. CARFAX is a joke. There was a thread a while back showing a Lamborghini in 2 halves for sale..... crashed and torn in half at the firewall..... with a clean CarFax. I think i t was this one. https://carbuzz.com/news/for-sale-lamborghi...used-half-price Maybe someone else can clarify, but I remember seeing similar pictures and people pointing out that it had a clean CarFax. Don't trust them and do your homework is the moral of the story.
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