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  1. I had this same issue in a 2016. It was annoying at best and embarrassing at worst. Sporadic, but more likely to happen after it sat for 30+ minutes rather than a quick stop at a gas station. I’d dread if there was a crowd around waiting for me to start the car up. I put off taking it into the dealer for repair because it wasn’t consistently reproducible. An engine light finally came on and I had them address both issues. Was told a solenoid, sensor and software update… as I had a couple things going on for repair, I can’t recall if the fix specifically for the startup issue involved more than the solenoid. Prior to repair, DoctaM3’s tip about holding the start button did actually work some of the time. I also found that a sequence of shutting off the car, locking door, wait 2 min and then going back through the motions of unlock and start had some success as well.
  2. Nice looking car! Kudos to the buyer on adding this beauty to their garage. Sold for a solid $1.9m, so seller should be happy as well.
  3. Well don’t leave us hanging on that juicy teaser… do tell!
  4. @VCR Thank you, that’s very helpful information. I definitely can appreciate the convenience of the trains and a nearby hotel. My SA said they could arrange a factory visit to time with the car build, but good to know that some of the local logistics can be covered as well. Plus, I didn’t realize Ducati and Pagani were in the vicinity as well. @Allan-Herbie I’ll definitely look into the museum! Definitely seems like that’s a must see.
  5. I’m going to be planning a trip out to Sant’#### to visit the factory next year. I know quite a few members here have made the pilgrimage before me. Any insights or suggestions to make the most out of this experience? edit: for some reason the forum will not let me spell the full city name and automatically replaces it with hashtags. I’ve tried a few alternatives to get around this and this was best I could do.
  6. I strongly considered it… Lotus are just so much pure FUN to drive. And this looks like they’ve really gone back to what makes Lotus stand out. But was told the wait was well over a year at this point.
  7. What an amazing experience… and I chuckled when he just went straight for the pass after getting on the road.
  8. I think 2023 is very likely. I have an Aventador Ultimae Roadster allocation… wasn’t expecting to see it start production until next year… and it’s already confirmed in production on Unica app, which is notoriously slow to update. This is way farther ahead than I expected! I hear it’s about 6 months from time it starts production. Knock on wood. I might get the summer driving season with it! Usually roadsters are last out the door… but pandemic has thrown all norms out the window.
  9. Breaking down is part of the Mclaren ownership experience. The British car club I was in had a traveling award for that…it was passed around A LOT.
  10. @Lambocars Dare I hope, do you have a config for the Ultimae yet?
  11. I dropped off for awhile… was just inactive in the whole car scene for a bit due to pandemic interruptions. Ramping back up (slowly) now. And I had a similar concern as the OP. This forum has been a really great place for owners, lifestyle and car info. FB/IG and similar platforms are nightmares for finding info and more about the flex and followers. I hope it or the other lambo forum gains steam again. With the number of cars changing hands this year and the hot market, I’d think these forums would be hopping. It can’t all be the instafamous crowd Not surprisingly the wine and whiskey forums have been busy since the pandemic
  12. There was a member who said they have an allocation for an SVJR 63. Nothing in writing. Rumor has it that it will show up at Quail during Monterey car week.
  13. That’s awesome. Congrats! You definitely should go to Monterey now!
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