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  1. This explains why I got confused. I thought things had really come down and were way below expectations. Sounds like they have just cooled and were roughly within expectations.
  2. Ouch.... Seems like things cooled down quite a bit this year. I saw a couple articles already about disappointing auction results. Thanks for posting this!!
  3. It is too bad you have not had more good experiences. I feel really lucky to have met some great people and made some good friends in the Lamborghini community.
  4. I think I am in the minority. I think that when I buy a car, it is mine. I buy them for me. I couldn't care less about the next owner, beyond getting a decent sale. It actually bothers me to think of someone else owning my car at some point. I have never felt the "stewardship role" people talk about.
  5. This is the list I start with. GT Car Parts please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sponsors = (This is what happens when I type "Lamb0Stuff") Evans Auto Italian car parts Autoricambi de"Epoca If you strike out with these, keep an eye on eBay. Not sure where, but Lamborghini probably sourced it from another manufacturer. If you can find out what other car uses the same knob, you will probably have a much easier time.
  6. Did anyone take advantage of the the factory offer to help pick up some of the costs of the event if you brought a car over? Still expensive, but it sounded really fun. Have your car shipped over and tour around Japan after participating in the show. I have seen a couple events like this, and they always get me daydreaming.....
  7. Here is the list and you can decide for yourself 350 GTV 400 GT Convertable 3500 GTZ Zagato 400 GT Monza Flying Star II Marzal Miura Roadster Cheetah Bravo Athon 1971 Countach Faena Cala P140 Zagato Raptor Canto
  8. Thank you so much for the tip! I considered switching my vacation around for this. We had been planning to go to Japan in the next year or two. Unfortunately we just booked a different trip, but I really appreciate the info. One of these days I am going to take the car to one of these international events!
  9. Amazing guy. Went to Concorso and said hello. He immediately offered me a glass of Lamborghini wine and treated me like an old friend.
  10. I just looked online, but could not find a set. Not long ago, there were a couple complete sets and some individual pieces available on eBay. If you don't find any right away, I would keep checking eBay. They come up from time to time.
  11. That was a hell of a crash! The deploy-able roll cage beams are even up. The car thought it was going over.
  12. Make sure your spare tire set up is up to task. I blew a tire on a rally in the middle of no where. I usually bring coolant , oil, some basic tools, and flares on any longer trip. Vintage cars are a little different, but sound advice I think.
  13. That is an incredible set up and collection. Hoping to get mine looking like that in the near future. Congrats. It is spectacular.
  14. I think if you are going to race something on a track, you have to be prepared for that kind of result. SUCKS, but race cars crash.
  15. CARFAX is a joke. There was a thread a while back showing a Lamborghini in 2 halves for sale..... crashed and torn in half at the firewall..... with a clean CarFax. I think i t was this one. https://carbuzz.com/news/for-sale-lamborghi...used-half-price Maybe someone else can clarify, but I remember seeing similar pictures and people pointing out that it had a clean CarFax. Don't trust them and do your homework is the moral of the story.
  16. Ohlgren

    Dealer etiquette?

    Lamborghini briefly had a dealership in Portland years back. They invited customers to a grand opening celebration. The wealthiest person at the event was the least well dressed. I have never worked in sales and I know better than to judge a person by clothes. I think that a lot of people with money like to shop for expensive things dressed like a slob. I would. I imagine it is pretty amusing.
  17. Ohlgren

    Dealer etiquette?

    An hour with no service is weird. I have never experienced that at any dealership. I tend to put less importance on customer service. It is nice, but I would rather buy a great car from a jerk, than a lemon from a kiss up.
  18. I met VB at Concorso Italiano in 2012. He was walking by and I introduced myself, told him I lived in Oregon and owned a Jalpa. My wife snapped a picture of me with him and he thanked me profusely. It was only a minute before he was escorted promptly away by someone. The next year I took my car down and saw him at the club dinner. He came to our table to meet everyone. I started to introduce myself again and he said "Yes from Oregon with the Jalpa, I remember." I was floored. He was so kind to everyone. I saw him crawling around on the ground helping someone with their car at the 2012 show. I am impressed every time I see him.
  19. The Jalpa seems to making the news more than usual lately. Here is a little clip that Hagerty did https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/art...mborghini-jalpa
  20. Agree that every buyer is different. In a perfect world, I would prefer a higher mile well maintained car. In the real world, I have had some terrible work done on my car. I have also had some things updated away from stock. I had a bunch of records from the previous owner and it turned out the work was done poorly and had to be redone. My car has less than 30,000 miles, but has required a ton of work. Some of the work was good work. Stuff wears out no matter how well you maintain a car. Even though I have a lot of records and take care of my car, there are issues I have not addressed. The reality is that I would be fine with a higher mile well maintained car, but I would expect it to pay less for it. I would inspect both and never pay a premium for a high mile car no matter how well maintained. If I got a PPI, and both cars checked out, I would expect to pay less for the high mile car. I would not expect it to be a big difference. If the low one was 180,000, I would expect the high mile one to be around 175,000 or slightly less.
  21. Thanks for posing the listing. I put it on my watch list. Maybe if it doesn't sell right away, the price will come down. I usually buy used.....
  22. Ohlgren


    I hate it...... ....but I really hope it sells like crazy and generates funds for Lamborghini to develop more and better sport cars.
  23. I was poking around looking at videos of the Cala. About half way through this clip, there is a Gallardo right next to the Cala. They are WAY more similar than I thought. I would have loved to have seen the baby Lamborghini cars lined up and see some road test comparisons. The Bravo should be there too.
  24. I love those two cars. I wonder myself what would have happened if they had made it into production. I feel like these cars are missing chapters, or progressive links, in Lamborghini history. As I wrote up a big long explanation as to why I don't think those 2 cars would have been successful, I started to change my mind. They had a V10 worked out and it looked to be all but settled that the Cala would go into production at the time. I remember lots of articles about the Cala and there was a lot of excitement about it. I think it just comes down to the economics of the cars. They were just not right for the LP140 and Cala. The Gallardo had a ton of help from Audi. I understand the majority of the Gallardo is made elsewhere. The engines are made in the Ukraine. Lots of parts are from the high quality Audi parts bin. I think the LP140 and Cala would have been hand made at the Lamborghini factory, and been very costly to produce. Though I think both cars would have been incredible, I don't think the economics were right. Adding another high cost handmade car to the line up, when they were already spread thin, would not have helped them. I think Lamborghini came to the same conclusion. Economics aside, I think both of those cars would have been incredible. The LP140 looks like a miniature Diablo and I absolutely love it. The Cala got rave reviews at the time and I thought it was just a matter of time before it went into production. It came incredibly close to being a production car from what I remember. I was really disappointed when it did not get made. I think comparisons to the success of the Gallardo should be tempered by comparisons to the troubles of the V8s.
  25. I find that feature on this site amusing. Usually it just creates a few giggles at the expense of 'Ve*tte owners, but I see how it could upset the unaware.
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