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    I have been waiting for this thread here at LP. I knew it was only a matter of time.
  2. You guys beat me to it! This is crazy!
  3. This entire thread is so cool. It's great watching this Super transform. Congratulations and keep it up.
  4. Wow! Looks gorgeous. A big congratulations to you. I don't think I have seen a DBS Ultimate before. What's different about this one compared to a normal DBS?
  5. My pleasure bro! Glad I could help. Let me know if you need any other CarFax reports.
  6. Doing it right now. One second please. Update: Branded titles: Flood, Salvage. That right there is your red flag. Walk...actually...run away from this.
  7. Very cool and rare car! Congrats and enjoy it. Definitely post some pictures when you get it.
  8. I will be on this cruise over the new year. I'm sure my family and I will appreciate all the info given in this thread. Thank you!
  9. Might be a stupid question, but what just happened?
  10. Get the smaller Otter Box, when it comes out for the 5. I have one on my 4S since new and the phone literally looks brand new. There is not even a scratch on my iPhone. Sure, it makes the phone a little larger, but it is easily manageable.
  11. Don't really care what anyone thinks. I'm going to be getting the 5 because the battery on my 4S blows! I like the simplicity of the iPhone and I'm not looking to change anytime soon. I pretty much use it as a camera as well and that's about it.
  12. I love it! It really looks great and fits the car really well. Might have done 20's or 21's front and rear, but I approve.
  13. I think I will always be angry on this day as well. It was an absolute catastrophe. May those who were lost from the horrific attack RIP. We will never forget.
  14. This is awesome. He most certainly spent his winnings in the right way! He took care of the important items / people first and then spent a bit on himself. Good for him! I bet that ex-wife of his is pissed! Sucks to be her, but that's karma.
  15. Damn!!! That's really beautiful. Usually not a fan of silver (as it appears), but this definitely does it for me. The red interior flows perfectly.
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