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  1. Very nice. Is there any information on the breakdown of the Huracan sales?
  2. Which track(s) are you planning on attending?
  3. Agree. I plan on getting the car serviced the week prior. Part of the servicing plan will be brake fluid upgrade to Lambo racing specs.
  4. I signed up for One Lap of America next year. Will be driving my Performante. I have a couple of questions for the guys who track the perf. First, can you go up in tire size for the fronts? The OEM front tire seems small at 245 / 30 / 20. Can you go up in size both front and back and still keep same ratio without screwing up traction control. Second, I may need to perform a brake pad change during the week. Does anybody run something other than OEM pads? https://www.onelapofamerica.com/currentEvent/EntrantsList.do?eventId=39
  5. Had the Fabspeed exhaust on my base H. It was great. How is this exhausted different than the valved exhaust that I purchased previously?
  6. When i was 22, I drove an '81 Dodge Omni without air conditioning in Houston, TX. Tranny went out and converted it to a manual with junk yard parts. Door handle kept breaking, so ended up just crawling through the hatchback. Ignition switch went out so ended up hot wiring to a $2 push button (I was ahead of my time). Ended up meeting a girl while driving that car. We have been married 26 years.
  7. Is this for a coupe or spyder?
  8. I took delivery of my Huracan around July 6th of 2016. At that time, it was a MY2017. Currently awaiting delivery of P July this year. Was told it was a MY 18, but doesn't make sense from my last experience.
  9. Anybody know what the reveal at Geneva will be?
  10. I consistently have replace my carbon ceramic brake pads after one track day in my GTR. About to switch back to steel rotors since my track day expenses for front pads alone are $900. I always attributed the pad wear to not enough cooling (CCBs seem to be hotter), and the weight of the GTR. Maybe it is more of an issue with cooling if the Perf also goes through pads quickly.
  11. I have a Performante scheduled to be delivered in July. Reading articles like this makes me a little antsy for July to come! Thx for sharing.
  12. Anybody know the number of LP570-4 Superleggeras produced?
  13. Red sports cars are awesome. To me that is a perfect spec!
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