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  1. Dang YO, I B's sorry to hear
  2. Man that suck!! Sorry to hear
  3. WOW, that has to be the King of NSX's!!
  4. Congrats man!! They are a fun car, just be careful!
  5. SWEET!!! I honestly don't think I've ever seen a yellow Aston.
  6. I think the new CTS-V is one sweet ride! My GF wants one so bad she can't stand it.
  7. That's a shame, they are a good bunch of guys. Best of luck to them. But like everything in this world some people like apples some like oranges, some like Heffner some like UGR. Both good just different strokes for different folks.
  8. My favorite GT ever. Didn't know that was your car Peak, I'm a hater!
  9. OUCH, sucks to be him! I'm sure he'll be expecting Nissan to foot the bill on it too
  10. Not much on white cars normally, but that's pretty slick. Pretty cool how you can see the weave too
  11. Going to have to agree, like yellow(see avatar) . But this is a poor shade of yellow to choose.
  12. I'm with you on that, if you're looking a oddball, movie car Ron's the man. Man has owned more real Batman vehicles, then I had batman toys as a kid
  13. Saw yesterday UGR ran 9.9's @ 158 yesterday thats good stuff there!! Looks like the G is looking to be the ultimate street car. I used to be all about a Murci, but here of late the Gallardo looks like the way to go.
  14. Huge waste of money there, and I'm a mustang guy! The dash does look sweet though
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