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  1. I like it! Better than expected. First one in awhile that is pulling me back to the theater to see a second time.
  2. I give it s B. Some fun, creative, good stuff, that will probably get better in sequels...but with other roll your eyes, not quite polished, who's idea was that moments.
  3. What number is your 40th? (If you dont mind me asking.)
  4. Great spec! The gold wheels really set it off. Am I the only one who noticed the skirts in the background?
  5. Legend. Was starting to think he was going to live forever.
  6. By now we all know he wasnt drinking. Breathalizer was .000. Considering he has had three or four back surgeries in the last two years...including just having discs fused two months ago...I can understand the meds. Tiger should have a driver on hand 24/7. Does it seem weird that the dash cam footage was released almost immediately??? I dont even think 48 hours had passed since the incident and police dash cam footage was on the news. Normally it takes weeks, months, even years for footage to surface when the police are in question.
  7. Great video/commercial imo. Not the car for me...but pretty badass regardless. Good on Dodge for green lighting such a monster.
  8. That top is just hanging on for dear life. Nice assets.
  9. Good review. That picture at the Chevron may be one of the best pics of a SV I've seen!
  10. That'll buff out. Looks like the cockpit did incredibly well.
  11. Great pics. The one parked with leaves in the grill is amazing! Something about it makes it real...as opposed to your normal wax n shine pics. Racking up the miles = more smiles.
  12. I would take the above LPDADDY post as gospel.
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