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  1. Hey mods... First thanks for the site and all the effort you put into it... I know the site needs to make money which is why it's gone public for awhile now... But is there any way to stop garbage /spam topics being posted? Already there's much less activity on the new site but having so many crap topics to scroll through is really annoying...
  2. FrankN

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    I can't afford a lambo and I get the whole exclusivity thing... But to those who can afford one and own a business... Do give that kind of exclusivity with whatever service or product you deal in? Or are you in business to make money so you can continue offering your product or service and be able to afford these luxuries? That only 900 people worldwide will be lucky enough to get... Not bashing or judging anyone, genuinely curious and giving an outsider's point of view on how lucky people who get to make these choices are.
  3. FrankN

    Dr. Jordan Peterson

    He was on the Joe Rogan podcast which is on youtube... Very interesting guy... Worth the watch.
  4. FrankN

    Drag Race Crewman job available

    Paging kerplop... Though his skill set and level is probably over qualified.... Could be a hell of a good place for him to start...
  5. FrankN

    good netflix shows?

    Felt the same way... Hopefully you're better than i am lol
  6. FrankN

    good netflix shows?

    Loved the first few seasons... But never even finished season 4... Just got to stupid...
  7. FrankN

    good netflix shows?

    The Frozen Dead... it's a french series with subtitles but I think they has a translated version... I watched the french version.
  8. FrankN

    Resurrecting Jalpa #359

    very cool and well deserved! congrats!! you should really look into sharing your story on that youtube chanel I posted earlier
  9. FrankN

    Resurrecting Jalpa #359

    Congrats! Awesome job all around! Don't know if you've seen this yt chanel but your story would fit right in...
  10. FrankN

    McGregor vs. Mayweather

    Can't get that link to work... But got kodi to work...
  11. FrankN

    Kim Jong Un

    Fortis, fortis obviously you don't know who you're messing with... He's the one who's accomplished more than Trump regardless of how moronic he comes off... Fair warning to you man!
  12. FrankN

    Kim Jong Un

    Pretty much what I was saying but in 50 words or less. I rarely post but this whole wheels bashing situation that some do is fcuking ridiculous... Especially since the guy had actually listened to people and improved his way of expressing his views...
  13. FrankN

    Kim Jong Un

    You use one liners and it's not like people love you, so word count isn't the problem...
  14. FrankN

    Kim Jong Un

    Why? He's actually being informative and shares his point of view in an intelligent and respectful manner. You might not like him or agree with what he says but he doesn't deserve to be told not to participate in the discussion. If anything childish one liners ment to belittle him are what needs to stop...