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  1. I loved my LP640 but got tired of it after 10 years so I bought the 812 Superfast it is easy to live with but not very exotic so missing the Lambo.
  2. I agree they are getting out of hand on price, the replacement being a hybrid will be over 600 grand and to keep pace with the Ferrari sf90 power wise it will take 1000 hp the new v12 will need 3 electric motors to keep pace.
  3. Aventador replacement opinions News true timeline
  4. Opinion from the board where is the best place to list the Murcie for sale. Not that much action on Ebay.
  5. My Ebay add ended it came close to my reserve, I just listed it again with a lower buy it now price and a lower reserve. Take a look I would really like to see it sell to someone who can appreciate it for what it is. The Lambo Power community knows this car. I am the Original owner and it is Perfect
  6. I put the Lp640 Monterey blue Murcie up for sale tomorrow on EBay fastlane
  7. Just had it survived it had better then 50% never used launch control if interested contact me here. Have the car checked out if you like it we can work it out.
  8. Misprint it is a 2008 not a 2018 have not found a way to correct it Fastlane
  9. 2008 Monterey Blue LP640 original owner car, Just fully serviced 18000 miles If you want a Monterey Blue Carbon Brake fully optioned original owner never modified LP640 this is the one Perfect every option including Carbon Brakes Dual color Interior Q-Citura on Alcantara Yellow Diamond pattern stitching to match calipers Leather roof lining CI badge wheels Transparent engine bonnet Hermera rims Sport tires Branding package Interior carbon package Yellow Brake Calipers Navigation system E-gear front and rear Cameras
  10. fastlane

    Murcie Value

    Yes 2008 I guess I didn't proof read it
  11. fastlane

    Murcie Value

    I have not been using my Murci much the last few years I have a friend that is interested in it I never thought of selling it IF I decided to sell it what do you think it is worth it is a original owner 2018 Murci Monterey Blue Coupe Auto every option including Ceramic brakes MSRP was well over 400 grand in 08 18000 miles perfect car never a problem.
  12. Here is a bit more INFO Drag Racer with over 50 years experience needs crewman, helper, apprentice or experienced young man. To learn and help run new Copo Camaro supercharged 8 second drag race car. We have all the best equipment. Knowledge of drag racing helpful no auto repair necessary but needs to be handy and work with equipment.. Basic job is to do everything needed things like hookup trailer to Motorhome unload race car at the track prepare it before and after each run. Add fuel, charge battery add and check tire pressure cool down engine and inter-cooler. Talk to driver through commu
  13. Looking for a crewman to help with a drag race car in So Cal. Just general prep between rounds and assist driver running an 8 second car. Needs to be able to be away at the track on long weekends a few times a month and out of town for a week a few times a year. PM if interested or Know someone for more Info FASTLANE
  14. VBOX Performance BOX like new with download kit in original packaging with all paperwork used a few times 1 season new was $575 buy now $325 Also available Altronics weather station Eclipse there top of the line unit with both O2 and wind sensors plus download kit used 1 season cost new $850 buy it now $425 If interested private message me here FASTLANE
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