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  1. mm83targa

    Must see documentary.

    Pretty incredible story - saw it last night on a cable channel.
  2. mm83targa

    NEED HELP!!!!!! All Dads!!!!!!

    When dating my ex-girlfriend (now wife - of 33 years!) I realized how much I heard her parents tell their three kids the most important 3 words a kid can hear from a parent - "I love you!" I didn't hear it much - actually almost never - from my own Mom or Dad. Once we had our kids - I made the extra effort to use those 3 words every day possible. My son and daughter are the most important things on this earth to me, right next to my wife. And they all three know it.
  3. mm83targa

    Starwars "The Last Jedi" Teaser Trailer

    Guess I'm an old fart. I saw the original release - I think twice the first week it was released! And the "special effects" were just incredible - of course looking back - they were lousy!
  4. mm83targa

    Don't come to Atlanta anytime soon

    This will give you an idea of the seriousness of the situation... (couldn't get embedding to work!)
  5. mm83targa

    All users - Strange PM

    I got a private PM from navodefa1986 to become a VIP member today. Ends up going to an ad page.
  6. The CNN story today mentioned that he lived in his own apartment and the rest of the family lived nearby. I bet the reason for his own residence was the drug use.
  7. mm83targa

    Is smoking sexy?

    I think a hot babe smoking a cigar looks sexy - but not a full time cigarette smoker.
  8. mm83targa


    So I guess until I have 5 posts, I've got to puzzle through the captcha?
  9. mm83targa


    I'm here too!
  10. mm83targa

    Business Anomaly- need some help with a Q

    Based on the blue/green lines, it looks like your margins have gone from single digit to 50%. Is that so? Shouldn't you normalize the bid cost to the "retail" value of the item?