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  1. ha I jsut watched that last night! That guy is awesome!
  2. Ricky@SPE

    World War Z

    I found this part absolutely hilarious. I think if I watched this movie at home, where I didn't feel the nervousness, anxiousness, and what not, I wouldn't have liked it as much because I would have seen pitfalls like this one better. But in theaters, I was much more involved in the entirety of it, therefore, I loved the movie.
  3. I swear I've read about this build elsewhere before.. we're you or a friend of yours ever on stanceworks at all? Either way I'm glad to see some real updates since the last time I saw it. very awesome!
  4. I knew I recognized this car. My friend saw you the other day and posted it on instagram haha.
  5. Ricky@SPE

    Prayers for my friends...

    bleh, such a cute little one. prayers for sure. hope he only gets stronger!
  6. Duh, if you're going to research a specific subject for two years, it better be one thing. milk.
  7. You know, for the amount of time I've been on this forum, I've learned one very crucial thing. People will do anything to live the rich life, and morals mean nothing. Shits crazy to me.
  8. Ricky@SPE

    Oklahoma Tornado's

    damn. I remember when a tornado hit while I lived in Nebraska (I was 8 at the time). All of us rushed into the school's gym, brick walls and all, heads ducked under our arms for what seemed an eternity. Was surely the scariest time of my life. RIP
  9. I feel like I should be making these threads with you haha. About to watch star trek the day it comes out, and F&F 6 the day it comes out. As far as Gatsby, loved it. My favorite movie of the year so far. Had such a visual appeal to it, and Leo did fantastic. Wouldn't you say, old sport?
  10. I'm not sure.. let me go check.. No, it is 18 months, which I fell under. I was also told "No. Under California's lemon law, there is no such time limit or mileage restriction with respect to the qualifications, as long as your problems started while your car was under warranty, you can initiate your claim. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act applies for the entire period of your warranty. If the 18 months is met however, then the consumer need introduce no further evidence to prove that the manufacturer has had a reasonable number of repair attempts." yeah yeah I know.. the video was a result of an asshole technician trying to claim my issues might have to do with my speed sensors, which in turn caused them to deny me any attempt to repair unless I agreed to pay for replacing my rear speed sensors. Considering the video shows the CEL and LIMP mode coming on at idle....
  11. so I should remove the video from youtube and send it to him privately? I suppose what it boils down to, is I feel as if they are handling this too passively, as if they want them to deny so that they can suggest a lawsuit, which I do not have the time and money for by any means. I don't want this to lead to a lawsuit. But thank you, I'm searching for a beater right now, and I'll look into the spark issue.
  12. last resort. maybe I can claim the throttle opened itself. as far as paying the attorney goes, there was no money spent. The lemon law attorney's are paid by the manufacturer, they explicitly state if they lose, they gain no money, if they win, they gain it from the manufacturer. As for the attorney's office, I was referred by a couple of people, and their reviews online are considerably good enough to trust. It's really difficult to handle situations like these while being a full time student. I have made plans actually to buy a miata for the time being so hopefully that works out. Also, there really is, in my opinion no hope in fixing this issue myself. It is believed by many, including my knowledgeable friend, that this is an electrical gremlin of some sorts, and if the throttle body replacement fixed it once, why did it act up again? It is quite the mystery. I'm mostly upset because the moment the demand letter was sent, the attorney, who seemed very knowledgeable, handed me off to his assistant, who is the one who made the comment about the youtube link. Do I have the right to demand I work with the original attorney?
  13. Alright, so I've been posting here and there, but for those who don't know, my name is Ricky, and I am the new marketing guy over here at SPE. One of my main points of daily work at the moment is getting to know this forum and what not. Throughout the past few weeks, I've noticed quite a few of you are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to legal matters, so I decided posting my concerns here would serve well. In short: 2012 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 RSPEC coupe - My first "sports car" bought at the age of 21 with my hard earned proud money, amazing car for someone with my income and age, compliments daily, more than enough power and sound to suit my needs, I love this car. Starting at 19,000 miles (34,000 miles as of today) I started having throttle issues (surging at idle, surging at low speed, limp mode at least once a day. Throttle body replaced, issue fixed. 10,000 miles later, issue arose again, it has to this day remained unfixed. Dealership has attempted to repair the car 5 times, and it has spent a total of 17 days at the dealership in it's life. I even took it to a dealership that had a master technician, no luck. Finally, at 34,300 miles, the surging got to a point where the car was undriveable. It would lurch so hard at low speeds it was as if I was trying to run people over. Limp mode came on twice, and I gave up. Currently driving a rental car. The main point of this post: After sending multiple documents to the attorney's office, all the records, all the files, all the resources I had giving further information about my issue, all the records of every single time an issue occurred, blah blah blah, I received a copy of the demand letter sent to Hyundai. It was a simple paragraph, stating the issue, and declaring the car unsafe and unreliable, with a request for Hyundai to buy back the car. That's it. All the evidence I had, all the documentation, and that's all that was sent. Now I must wait 30 - 45 days just to POSSIBLY hear back from them. I put together a video of the surging, and the limp mode, I asked the attorney if he wanted me to put it on youtube so that it could be a direct public link, his response was "Ummm sure, although I'm not sure how I will be able to save it.." He didn't sound confident in the slightest, and almost acted as if there was no point in the video. I want this video sent to Hyundai, I want them to see the evidence I have, I want to send a note regarding the fact that I literally almost ran over a person the other day in a parking lot because my car surged and jumped forward, the person even yelled at me. This should all be clear grounds that this car is a lemon and it needs to be taken back. But the attorney seems so "Oh what we sent was more than enough." How should I handle this? Do I demand the attorney to send what I requested? Do I wait for the response, and then try again with a different attorney? What are my rights in this situation? (They told me to never speak to anyone at Hyundai directly as they now represent me) I simply just don't have the money and time to afford more than this 30-45 days. I drive 40 miles to SP 5 days a week and renting cars, borrowing cars, etc is incredibly daunting. I'm sorry for such a long post, I really am, but any advise would be greatly appreciated..
  14. bullshit man. tony stark has incredibly quick intelligence and, it is still him fighting/dodging/maneuvering in the suit. I guaranteed he couldn't go toe to toe with batman without suits, but he'd find a way to defeat him. Yeah I said it. batman is cool and all, but i'd pick that level of intelligence any day.