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  1. LamboCharlotte

    start stop system fault

    Start/stop warning will accompany any stored emissions fault (check engine light). Assuming you're not experiencing any drive ability issues i.e. lack of power, running rough, stalling, etc. it's ok. For formalities' sake, I will always advise customers to use their best judgement. If you feel something is off/unsafe, have it towed. Typically the car will make it evident pretty quickly if it's performance related or note. Roadside assistance will cover a transport to your closest dealer assuming the car is under factory/CPO warranty. I believe it's up to 150 or 170 miles one way if my memory serves me correct?
  2. LamboCharlotte

    Starter problem?

    Another issue that can cause these intermittent no-start issues are the stop lamp switches. I would recommend, if the condition recurs, to check and make sure your brake lights are coming on when the brake pedal is depressed. If the vehicle doesn't see a signal from the stop lamp switch, it won't allow the car to start. This is more common in first gen Murcielago but can happen in LP640 as well. Hopefully you get this sorted. Jeff, Troy and the guys over at LNB are great and know their stuff. I'd recommend reaching out to them if need be as well.
  3. LamboCharlotte

    Lp swift lowering spring install PDF document needed

    First off, my apologies, I was incorrect in saying that the LP variant Gallardos were adjustable. I believe some are, but it depends on what suspension the car came with from the factory. Believe it or not, there was a comfort and sport option. To answer your question, I'm not 100% sure of how drastically the rate is affected. It would really depend on how much you adjust the ride height. With that being said, I don't know what the stock spring rate is to start with either. Stating the obvious, the ride will be a bit stiffer given you have less compression and rebound travel. The main advantage to sticking with stock springs IMO, is that if a shock failure/leakage occurs there is no impact on warranty coverage. If the car is out of warranty, that's obviously a mute point! Hopefully this helps.
  4. LamboCharlotte

    Anybody track the Perf?

    Castrol SRF is what the factory uses for track testing/events. It's fantastic stuff and can be sourced pretty easily. I'd personally recommend Amazon. If I recall, I believe it goes for around $60-$70/bottle? What are you trying to accomplish by running a larger width front tire? Personally, if you're looking for better grip, I'd recommend upgrading to a set of the PZero Trofeo R and a slightly more aggressive alignment. The feedback I've gotten from customers who have run the Trofeo R on track is nothing short of amazing. The factory does not recommend deviating from the stock wheel/tire size configuration due to potential issues with the AWD system.
  5. LamboCharlotte

    Catalyst overheat warning

    There was a campaign to replace the thermocouples and ECUs which applied to just about all Aventadors up to and including '16 MY. I've still seen a few failures after the campaign has been completed. I'd recommend to monitor and take it in if it returns. Might not be a bad idea to shoot your service rep an email just to document that it occurred. I would recommend checking to see when your warranty expires to avoid any potential financial burden. With that being said, Lambo does a great job of backing their product. If the failure occurred outside warranty, personally I would request factory assistance for a customer given it's a known issue.
  6. LamboCharlotte

    Lp swift lowering spring install PDF document needed

    Just as an FYI, the factory suspension on a first gen G, LP G or Huracan can be adjusted to different ride heights. Assuming the adjustment is to your liking, there's no need to replace the springs to accomplish this. Unless you want it lower than what the factory hardware allows for. I would recommend an alignment following the spring replacement or adjustment as well.
  7. LamboCharlotte

    E gear light on

    In some instances, low battery voltage can trigger some gearbox related faults amongst others. If my memory serves me correct, they're typically related to a transmission input/output speed sensor communication issue? This will result in drive ability issues very similar to what you're describing. My recommendation would be to setup an appointment with your closest dealer. Assuming no other underlying issues, a fault code clear and e-gear self-learn should do the trick.
  8. LamboCharlotte


    Brake squeak isn't that common but can occur with the ceramics. More often than not, it's under light braking in slow speed conditions. Sometimes outside influences can lead to this. Anything from ambient temps to excessive tire dressing can be contributing factors. I would agree in trying a few, repeated "aggressive" stops in an attempt to alleviate it and go from there.
  9. LamboCharlotte

    Catalyst overheat warning

    Been a while since I've been on guys and have since moved to another Lambo dealer on the east coast. Nonetheless, hopefully my input will help here. 9/10, this error is result of a faulty catalyst ecu and/or thermocouple. Each bank has a control unit that monitors the exhaust temperature. If the vehicle sees a variance of more than XX degrees between the two readings, it will trigger this error. Your stop/start malfunction message will appears anytime a fault is logged in the OBD memory. Please note if there is an aftermarket exhaust installed that consists of catalyst elimination or the fuel level is extremely low, this could also cause the warning. Typically if the fuel level is that low, you'll also get some misfires and rough running that occur.
  10. LamboCharlotte

    Looking for a lp720 roadster

    The new car we just accepted into inventory is a Bianco Opalis 720-4 coupe, not a roadster. We do have a very low mileage Grigio Estoque '14 700-4 roadster we just took in on trade as well. Believe that was the car mentioned in one of the earlier threads. Both the new white and yellow are very sharp, I'd say you can't really go wrong with either.
  11. LamboCharlotte

    Finally found something to piss me off with my Aventador!

    We include the appropriate torx socket with a new car sale, either a T80 or T70, so owner's aren't left in a predicament. Keep in mind the Aventador comes with a tire repair kit which includes a compressor and bottle of "fix-a-flat". The torx keys are available separate for purchase from any authorized dealer's parts dept., they run about $40/piece.
  12. LamboCharlotte

    Monterrey blue no more? What is new name?

    I believe it's actually Blu Nepthunus, but I could be mistaken.
  13. Open invite to all LP members. We're having a service clinic tomorrow that will offer a complimentary one hour inspection of your vehicle with our factory trained technicians to provide a full inspection report and e-gear snapshot (if applicable). We will also have refreshments and a new Blu Caleum 550-2 available for road testing. Please feel free to call with any questions, hours are 8-5pm and we still have several time slots available.
  14. LamboCharlotte

    GALLARDO Stereo SUB Rockford Fosgate P3L-S10 10" Slim

    If you're in OC, Rick Reus with Reus Audio does great work. This is his shop's number....(714) 633-6636.
  15. LamboCharlotte

    Updated Pics of My Matte Black Gallardo and New Puppy!

    Looking good!!!