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  1. That’s actually a real Countach. It was an LP400 before it was butchered to the configuration you see here. Believe it was owned by Rod Stewart at one point.
  2. Looks like a big Range Rover. The duck hunting seats in the back are cool though.
  3. 87-Countach

    SV X 3

    Those other two cars are nice, but that Diablo is Beautiful collection!!!
  4. My 97 Roadster had only one rubber pad when I purchased it. (Brake Pedal) Car should have had both, and I replaced both with new as I prefer the pedal feel with the pad. I think some owners remove one or both to try and get some additional foot space. I have fairly normal feet and usually wear a narrow loafer/driving moccasin, so everything fits nicely.
  5. Love the design. Like a modern day Mangusta, which is a very good thing imo. Would be cool as a hybrid. Unfortunately, it would have to be $200K+ to make any money, and that is a very crowded and competitive market.
  6. Keep the Infinity speakers. If the drivers are in disrepair, either replace with NOS if available or have them rebuilt @ Millersound.com. Vintage Infinities are still good speakers if maintained. I am the original owner of a set of Infinity RS1b’s and even though they require maintenance and service, they are still magic. I view them like a vintage Lambo. Pain to maintain, parts and service expensive, but when it’s good, it’s really really good.
  7. 87-Countach


    Horrible This hunk of shit comes to mind. The only upside is they sell a bunch of them to suburban soccer moms looking for the one up over the Tesla Model X soccer mom next door and use all the profits to continue to develop proper cars worthy of the Lamborghini namesake. Hell the Model X looks better than this thing.
  8. 87-Countach


    Redundant - "been there done that" design. Uninspired at best. Plus, whats the point??? This thing already has it beat in performance. and quite frankly looks as well. I get it. One is a jeep, the other is a Lambo. Blah, Blah, Blah The Urus has no cache whatsoever.
  9. +1 and also solves the 17" tire issue. I.E. No 17" tire available in the correct size and factory spec. Car looks great.
  10. When you line them all up together, you have to admit that Lamborghini has put out some weird looking sh*t. My vote is not on your list. Bravo Concept.
  11. A number of us on this board, and most of the people who pay a majority of the taxes in this country have walked in your shoes for much more than a mile or two. The difference is most of us decided to go out and get a new pair of shoes. Your old shoes must be very comfortable since you seem uninterested in going out and doing anything to change that situation. I guess when you only work from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock, your shoes never get worn out anyway.
  12. That is excellent news. As long as it's not $15K for the set of 6.
  13. If your new car looks like the top photo, don't touch it. Perfect car.
  14. Horrible Front is SSDD from Ferrari and the rest looks like a test mule with the disguise panels still on it. Kit car even from some angles. Good things it's fast. No one will see how horrible it is going by
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