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  1. Early Murcies, 02-04, had manual tensioners, all other murcies have the self-adjusting tensioners. I agree though, I don't think a slipping belt is your issue.
  2. A very common failure that will prevent you from shifting out of neutral is a failed brake pedal switch. Without diagnostic software, you can confirm your brake pedal switch is bad if you can shift out of neutral with the engine not running and you can shift just fine out of neutral if you get the car rolling a bit. Ideally, you'd use diagnostic software. Your unlock issue could be from loose linkage on the locking mechanism inside the door.
  3. I did the math to calculate the difference between the gearing of the front axle vs the rear axle. I came up with 7%. OEM tires have a difference of about 6% front to rear. From what I've seen, 4% difference is enough to cause damage on a long distance and/or high speed drive. As long as you end up with a 5-7% difference, you should be OK. Side note, it seems like the latest version of the front Rosso is borderline too tall according to tire rack for my liking. P ZERO CORSA SYSTEM specs are still spot on.
  4. A failed accumulator will fill very quickly and drain very quickly like Sprite said. If there was an internal leak, it'll take normal time to fill but drain quickly.
  5. Those $7.5k clutch jobs dont include a TOB and are usually rebuilt clutches. Not that there's anything wrong with a rebuilt clutch if done right. Heck i've seen warped Valeo pressure plates out of the box but that's another story. Second, if your misfire was detected by exhaust pressure sensors and you have an aftermarket exhaust, your exhaust could be the problem. I have a fix for that. It could also be a legitimate misfire but I'd like to know for sure. Right now it seems like they are just throwing plugs at it and hope it fixes the misfire.
  6. Glad you got it sorted. To update the thread. As it has been stated, Gruven now offers high torque motors. I strongly advise AGAINST these. These work great on the GM trucks but not on the Murcie. The Murcie relies on a small post to limit travel of the mirror. High torque motors could put too much stress on this post on potentially lead to failure, My recommendation is to modify the oem motor, if you are using the brass gear (definately recommend the breass gear), by removing the noise suppressor inside the little electric motor. Gruven can also supply you with modded, oem motors.
  7. Everything on the car is left and right as viewed from the rear EXCEPT when it comes to the internals of the engine. The engine internals are viewed from the flywheel.
  8. Phil, why not remove the banjo fitting from the rack? That way you slip the hose onto the fitting off the car, slip the hose on to the pipe with fitting attached to opposite end, connect the fitting to the rack.
  9. Big difference between stock SV and stock Murcie muffler
  10. I just installed a set of wrinkle-finished, pie-cut pipes that can be used with stock airboxes or with cone filters. I installed them with cone filters. I love the way the wrinkle finish matches the plenum, looks stock. My car previously had BMC high-flow filters. As for performance, I have a broken butt-dyno so I can't tell the difference but I am satisfied. Before, you could hear the air initially rush into the airbox that would eventually turn into something that was almost drone like. I always thought it was the exhaust drone but it's not. It was the airbox. Now, there's a much cleaner intake sound with these filters. I like. Thanks Nick!! Here are some pics:
  11. I'm somewhat local, let me know if you want me to take care of them. Glad you finally got this sorted. I just saw it.
  12. Thanks guys. I actually gave it some attention this weekend, drove it to a yearly 928 meet.
  13. Here's a vid I made of the story of my 928 plus my opinion of the car, Enjoy
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