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  1. Track Addict

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    Roll Call: 1. Supercar Ace +1 2. Plastique999 3. Assman 4. 483hp 5. Alpha6164 6. Sprite 7. Yudi 8. Gonzo 9. Kevin 10. Ali 11. Adel 12 Chris 13. Gordon 14. Jerry 15. Kin 16. Terry 17. Thomas 18. Eddie 19. Allan-Herbie 20. SV-N-IT 21: Toyroy2003 +1 22. OVI 23. DoctaM3 24. Track Addict (
  2. Quick question, was the door just ajar when you left the gas station, or does it not close properly? Thanks.
  3. Track Addict

    The Performante encounter...

    You'll definitely get an unveiling party like this:
  4. Do we know if they have any relationship going on with Rimac? If so, they may be ready to test some E-technology. Would definitely take things in a weird, but futuristic direction!
  5. Track Addict

    Murcielago Appreciation

    I actually want to be in the market for a Murci, and not for something more mass produced live the 'Vent or Huracan. I currently own a 5,8xx mile '08 Superleggera that I would say I got a good deal on from a local owner, and To re-direct all that value into a well maintained lower mile Murci seems like what I'm leaning towards. I'm sure the consensus is probably going to be to just unload the SL and get a clean spec Murci, but I was also hoping for a little bit of the splash when it comes to appreciation in the near future with very low-mile, fully loaded example. Anyone suggest I hold off or at this point the values are pretty much here to stay? I want an LP Murci, and a few more have started popping up lately. Don't want to catch a falling knife on one end and buy at the rise on the other. Any feedback would be quite helpful. Thanks guys!
  6. Track Addict

    720S vs Huracan Video....

    Feel free to post results from a more level playing field. My suggestion is if you're going to stack a forced induction car against another high performance car, then find a supercharged VF or whatever brand Huracan and re-run the 720S. I'm sure the Huracan closes the gap or runs right by it. Out of the hole will be a joke, and it won't get rolled on by 4th gear like in the video.
  7. Track Addict

    FS: 2008 Monterey Blue LP640 Roadster

    Another vouch for this amazing looking car! Have seen it a few times around town and it never ceases to amaze me. Congrats on the family growing!
  8. Track Addict

    And they only had minor injuries

    Would it be surprising if they were inexperienced?
  9. Track Addict

    URUS ready

    That is one quiet SUV...
  10. Track Addict

    tiger woods should have gone with the driver.

    Was he also on the green?
  11. Track Addict

    Calling all LP670SV Owners......Roll Call

    Are you doing 70 mile run this weekend?
  12. Track Addict

    tiger woods should have gone with the driver.

    Geez, what a shame.
  13. Track Addict

    P1 LM Ring laptime

    Crazy fast times for sure. The LHP is just the latest proof of what proper aero and dynamic driving skills can bridge gaps on a track that is extremely demanding. Less than 1% of future Performante owners will ever discover the true potential of their car, but it's always nice to know that the car is more than capable!
  14. Track Addict

    Parting Out my Pre LP 2008 Gallardo Superleggera

    Sort of interested on the exhaust parts. I'll reach out on IG
  15. Track Addict

    Chris Cornell won't be down for heroin and Fruity Pebbles

    One of my favs growing up as well. Poor kids.