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  1. were you just making a general statement or were you calling me a car parazzi? just wanted to take a photo of a car parked on the street with my phone. simple as that. i wasn't running after it with a DSLR, had a tripod, being annoying or rude about it. i've seen those types before online, and i agree with you, those people are annoying. the point i was trying to make, was that these valet guys felt they had to lie to me about how the street belongs to them, and i can't take a photo.
  2. i was hoping someone on the forum knew the owner of this Huracan, so they could ask him if he really gets upset when people take photos of his car.
  3. ... so last night i saw a white Huracan coupe parked out on the street, and wanted to take a quick photo of it. it was parked on the street in a yellow 20 minute zone. at night, the restaurant/night club nearby uses that spot to park the more expensive cars if and when they show up. i went over to the Huracan and started taking a few photos. three valet guys came over to me, and one of them said i wasn't allowed to take any photos. i told them the car is on the street(if it was in a lot, then i'd understand), and it should be fine. the guy proceeded to tell me that they rent that spot out for
  4. ... being a Marvel fanboy(i am not, but asked one to explain certain things to me) though, also helps to understand why they went the direction with the story the way they did. i had a couple that were sitting next to me. as soon as the credits started to roll, the woman said: "well that sucked!". i liked the film, but hate the fact that i'm going to have to wait awhile for the next one to come out.
  5. can you make a all black Spyder(no orange interior) render with these wheels in black? please and thanks!
  6. my dad took me to see the first SW film(A New Hope) in a theatre back in the day. also remember when the cable station ON TV premiered it. they showed "Hardware Wars" right before it.
  7. i thought Man of Steel was great, but didn't want them to do this film... not unless they gave us 2 more stand alone Superman films beforehand. have Ben do a few of his own Batman films, then do a film with all the Super Friends if you must. kept an open mind with Batman vs. Superman and really wanted to like it, but just walked out of the theatre thinking meh.
  8. i want to see a Targa version!
  9. i'm just glad it didn't happen to the Veneno!
  10. spooky


    i don't like Ben Affleck or his films, but i'm keeping an open mind with Batman vs. Superman. maybe this will be the one film i like him in, who knows?
  11. http://www.topgear.com/car-news/heres-proo...re-better-one#1
  12. can anyone confirm if the SV is available without the wing? i rememeber when the first photos of the SV were released, a bunch of people on this forum hated the rear wing. now, it seems people don't mind it so much.
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