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  1. matherto

    Any info on this SVR?

    It would be my hope that some day all SVR's are returned to their original liveries and spec.
  2. matherto

    SV-R (Lamborghini Supertrophy cars)

    So I've been trying to find out about the various different racing series in the 1990's and of course at that time, Lamborghini ran a series for a few years for the SV-R's. I was just wondering, what happened to the various chassis' when they were done racing? I know a few of them were converted to road spec and they pop up from time to time on different sites, usually sold by Garage Affolter or similar in Europe. Does anyone know where the rest are? Hidden away in collections still in their racing spec/liveries or being driven as road cars? Would be nice if eventually a historic series was set up for 90's cars much like the current historic Group C championship. I know the GT90's series was an attempt but it fell flat on it's face and subsequent attempts to restart it have just been demonstrations. Imagine seeing SV-R's and indeed later GTR's flying around a circuit in their period liveries?
  3. matherto

    Diablo SV-R

    I'm a huge fan of the SV-R. If that picture above is a current photo then I'm glad that it appears to be still in race livery and spec. Too many have been turned into roadcars and given rubbish repaints.
  4. matherto

    poor GT-R

    'This car has won 22 races' Wonder if it was one of Paul(?) Stokell's racers from the Nations Cup series back in the day?
  5. matherto

    Two Jotas for sale....

    Just a bump because there's another for sale here supposedly. PURPLE Coupe. Manual. 1995, Purple. This is a very rare and absolutely beautiful Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota. Manufactured in 1995, it has only completed 10773 miles and is in near immaculate condition.There were only ever 15 SE Jotas reportedly manufactured with only 3 of them being Right Hand Drive making this magnificent example an absolute must for the discerning Lamborghini enthusiast that wants to own a piece of Lamborghini memorabilia.. Why not visit our website to see this vehicle in full detail, including a revolving HD Video. Experience the best way to view your next new car online. Viewing is strictly by Appointment Only., Thoughts?
  6. matherto

    Hot SV

    The colour and wheels combine to make it look like a Hot Wheels car, or at best a replica Diablo. The smoke lights only make it worse. Take it back to it's original colour, trim and wheels and it'll be a nice car, as it is it's a monstrosity. (Btw, I'm sure the colour itself is actually quite spectacular in real life, but it doesn't suit a Diablo in the slightest).
  7. matherto

    Hot SV

    That's been completely ruined in my eyes.
  8. matherto

    Diablo Supertrophy

    I recently discovered Roy has an SV-R, the car in the USA flag livery and it send me on a search around Google for Supertrophy images, and a look at the state of the cars now. Couldn't really find all that much though so I was hoping that I'd have better luck asking on here. Any pictures of the cars racing, the cars now or videos and so on would be appreciated as I don't think the series really got the exposure it deserved back in the day. Thanks in advance (and sorry for not starting a thread off with pictures of my own, I'll do better next time I promise )
  9. matherto

    Diablo 6.0 in Verde Ithaca

    Exactly why it should be kept original IMO. I like Verde Ithaca a lot as well, but don't do it.
  10. matherto

    The Jota List

    Does anyone have pictures of #139 before it was ruined as above?
  11. matherto

    08 SL to 09 LP 560 - worth it?

    The Superleggera is certainly more unique and special than the LP560. I think it probably still looks better as well, though the revised headlights and rear lights have certainly grown on me since the 560 was launched. Cannot comment on what they'd be like to drive but I'd imagine the 560 will definitely be discernably faster, it's just whether you could feel it during everyday driving.
  12. matherto

    Gallardo LP 570-4 Blancpain Edition

    Absolutely gorgeous inside and out. How many special editions have they had now though? Interesting they chose to use the original Superleggera wheels rather than the current ones.
  13. matherto

    Pretty nice

    It looks like a bit of a mess to me to be honest. A mish-mash of parts from different Diablos. The wheels look terrible as well. $50k in bodywork? I'd spend the same sending it back to it's original spec probably.
  14. matherto

    Just bought my 1st Lamborghini

    Would be nice to see it repainted red with the original rims but it's a lovely car nontheless. Enjoy it.
  15. matherto

    Two at one time :)

    Any chance you've posted any photos of the Vector restoration anywhere on the web? We could really do with a proper Vector forum somewhere on the internet, or a registry or something, fascinating cars. Lovely to see two SLR's together by the way, saw a black one whilst I was on the bus a while back, they're far wider than I ever thought they would be, but then I had preconceptions that they'd be similar in size to the standard SL.