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  1. A bit of a misnomer this conversation...... It's Clarkson, May & Hammond that made TG.....not simply Clarkson. Therefore it Evans....and whoever and whoever which will be the deciding factor...not simply Evans. The format of modern Top Gear was taken from Evans show...TFI Friday, following discussion between Clarkson & Evans at that time. I personally have no idea as to whether it will work; I think it is little presumptuous to simply say Evans is a seasoned pro and therefore it will all be fine. Personally I think he will try a little too hard....and that may ruin it...or it may simply be a radically different format and therefore incomparable. The allure of the show up until now was that they really didn't appear to care too much about anything...and having met Clarkson a few times over the years, that was not an act...he really is that person....good or bad.
  2. Maybe 60 -100 it's a better performer ? This is exactly where the performance difference becomes abundantly clear. 328 much better around a track ? It is nearly 10 seconds slower around Fiorano. Everything you are saying is simply incorrect.
  3. It's pretty but not striking enough for a lambo...and who needs 910hp in a car of this ilk
  4. The single turbo was on for the first 2 years with the factory cars, then twins......because of the nutty lag. If well built / looked after, they really shouldn't handle too badly, at least for a car of this era.... I had a passenger run in a supposed K car recreation.....and was utterly terrified I have to say.... All this aside....Moby Dick was a crazy dinosaur even in '78...800+hp at 1.2 bar.....to try and keep with the new boys in town....on the straights at least...
  5. So casual with what must be such a valuable car.....kudos to Porsche for their ever down to earth attitude...
  6. The Carrera also had the 915 gearbox, albeit with revised ratios ....until '87... I always found the S4 auto a bit all or nothing until cruising speeds.....with a very aggressive kickdown.
  7. They are very overpriced, as are 930's now sadly. They are neither historic nor rare, simply an older variant of a model currently in production.....BUT, as with all things cars....if people will pay the money.....
  8. Ya.....I agree, finally.....anything shy of 500hp aint worth tiffany cufflinks...so booooring
  9. Thank you for the explanation :-) An interesting cultural development ...... Shakotan boogie....very cool
  10. ostoneman

    Aventador SV

    A lot of fuss over a body kit and an exhaust......and that dash screams ferrplaystation...it's not for me I'd hit it.....
  11. Apologies for placing this in the general L section....but there are clearly many shared designs here. Mad car.....great front end.
  12. The problem is the old 911 is not toooooooo far removed from the modern 911....essentially still the same model line. Other comparative cars of the era, such as the Dino etc...are also fetching silly money, but are models very unique to the era. That said, the 2.7 was highly regarded in '72 however....and because of that it is what it is today... I have no idea why the 2.8 RSR doesn't get the exposure of the 2.7 however...as it absolutely should. As you say the fact is you could spend very little on the standard 'S' and have the same car exactly.....but that's not the point with these original car classics.....and as you say; if you have the money ! I for one wouldn't spend anything close to that on a 2.7 or a Dino.....especially the Dino The 3.6 'S' has never been peanuts.....but the prices today are stupid. The 'flaubach' variant fetches even more....it's all down to rarity and 'special' factory models.... http://www.rhcollectibles.com/web/used/Por...n-Ohio/1305861/
  13. http://www.jzmporsche.com/porsche-for-sale...au-for-sale-645 http://www.jzmporsche.com/porsche-for-sale...au-for-sale-623 But not for the money.....silly.
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