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  1. I expected the redhead to be the CGT! Looks amazing in the show though
  2. Beautiful SUV Nuvolari!! I drove one this week and the fit and finish is unmatched. Like Nuvo said the sound system is hands down the best in the world in a vehicle it blew me away. The Bentley is the much sportier of the two and the RR is just pure luxury. It definitely makes a statement and turns heads!
  3. After watching the shmee video I really like it, the photos and spec were a poor choice. Really like the renderings without the wheel covers too.
  4. So its not that silver 911 convertible on your IG? good
  5. I think so yes, my wife and I are looking at a few rental properties we know we could get for a good price.
  6. Im in real estate here in Dallas and it is definitely cooling off a lot and fairly quick. Just earlier this year Dallas was the hottest market in the country and now we have an influx of properties (14 % more homes on the market compared to this time last year) and home sales have declined 7%.
  7. that didnt take long! Glad the forum is back!
  8. Wow it sold for only $107k, what was wrong with it?!
  9. CallMeJarob


    Such a great looking car!! Just love the coupe look on these big luxury cars. That full rewire is a game changer too.
  10. This. I flip homes and see more often than not the renovator does not pull permits and skates by with shotty electrical, plumbing, etc... I pull every permit and have engineering reports to go with my properties and its a huge selling feature to know its all done right, its way too easy to hide the ugly.
  11. Damn that’s a perfect pair! Love the blacked out spirit!!
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