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  1. CallMeJarob


    After watching the shmee video I really like it, the photos and spec were a poor choice. Really like the renderings without the wheel covers too.
  2. CallMeJarob

    Something new !

    So its not that silver 911 convertible on your IG? good
  3. CallMeJarob

    Recession coming?

    I think so yes, my wife and I are looking at a few rental properties we know we could get for a good price.
  4. CallMeJarob

    Recession coming?

    Im in real estate here in Dallas and it is definitely cooling off a lot and fairly quick. Just earlier this year Dallas was the hottest market in the country and now we have an influx of properties (14 % more homes on the market compared to this time last year) and home sales have declined 7%.
  5. CallMeJarob

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

  6. CallMeJarob

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

  7. CallMeJarob

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    that didnt take long! Glad the forum is back!
  8. CallMeJarob

    Discount Diablos

    Wow it sold for only $107k, what was wrong with it?!
  9. CallMeJarob


    Such a great looking car!! Just love the coupe look on these big luxury cars. That full rewire is a game changer too.
  10. CallMeJarob

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    63 looks great but needs to be full carbon
  11. CallMeJarob

    Owner Occupied Advice?

    This. I flip homes and see more often than not the renovator does not pull permits and skates by with shotty electrical, plumbing, etc... I pull every permit and have engineering reports to go with my properties and its a huge selling feature to know its all done right, its way too easy to hide the ugly.
  12. CallMeJarob

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Damn that’s a perfect pair! Love the blacked out spirit!!
  13. CallMeJarob

    new ZR1 vs 720S...

    Off topic but wow congrats on the new additions to your car collection
  14. CallMeJarob

    Cayman GT4

    Love it great job!
  15. CallMeJarob

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    I love it!