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  1. i think your best route would be to cosign your car somewhere. do you really want to deal with the headache? plus when its at a dealer and proper info is provided with the car, the dealer will get more money for your car. they have financing options etc to help aide the sale of the car.
  2. Given she has a rav4, and your used to that type of reliability and money spent on service. Id say lexus RX. They might not be the most luxurious etc but they are damn nice inside. Their depreciation isnt that bad and look hella nice in some colors. I beleive they have the "F sport" model also. doubt any car aside from the volvo will be as cheap to own and reliable for the price. When you change into the "Luxury" side of SUV's its never ending. problem is latest and greatest is changing so rapidly. If you want to step into that ring go ahead but you have to keep upgrading to be satisfied.
  3. GO-RAN

    2001 Diablo

    That cars been for sale many times. Believe its originally a US car. Roy cats has a bit of history on it i think. If was in alberta then ontario and the quebec . A member of LP bought it 3-4 yrs ago and then sold it . Good luck
  4. GO-RAN


    Send that back and save yourself a couple of years of your life
  5. GO-RAN


    Rear lights are all Chiron
  6. Im really beating a dead horse. This is picture 19 of the ebay ad. Looks like the same driveway . Look at the interlocking and the garage in the ad pic and the one posted above. Its fairly easy to paint the rear section and the Calipers. again i could be wrong but dont think so. i appologize for polluting the thread.
  7. maybe my eyes are failing me. look at the driveway picture in the ad and look at the driveway pic posted here. I could be wrong but either way it doesnt matter. beauty of a car, the Urus will set sales records for the brand.
  8. its the same vehicle , look at the driveway pic. the car is specced spot on.
  9. That windshield seems to be holding up pretty good.
  10. Stunning! The rim, caliper and body colour work so well together. Congrats
  11. Best place for that to happen if its going to happen
  12. Car looks solid. Do you know how much over Mrsp they are asking? There is alot of manual cars on the market currently so you have alot to choose from.
  13. ^ idk This is what the porsche guys are claiming helped the new GT3RS .2 set a much faster lap than the previous .1 RS These street cars are way too fast to begin with.
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