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  1. GO-RAN


    Send that back and save yourself a couple of years of your life
  2. GO-RAN


    Rear lights are all Chiron
  3. GO-RAN

    Urus is unbelievable!

    Im really beating a dead horse. This is picture 19 of the ebay ad. Looks like the same driveway . Look at the interlocking and the garage in the ad pic and the one posted above. Its fairly easy to paint the rear section and the Calipers. again i could be wrong but dont think so. i appologize for polluting the thread.
  4. GO-RAN

    Urus is unbelievable!

    maybe my eyes are failing me. look at the driveway picture in the ad and look at the driveway pic posted here. I could be wrong but either way it doesnt matter. beauty of a car, the Urus will set sales records for the brand.
  5. GO-RAN

    Urus is unbelievable!

    its the same vehicle , look at the driveway pic. the car is specced spot on.
  6. That windshield seems to be holding up pretty good.
  7. Stunning! The rim, caliper and body colour work so well together. Congrats
  8. GO-RAN

    Competition tires: Toyo vs. Nitto

    Isnt Nitto Made by toyo?
  9. Best place for that to happen if its going to happen
  10. GO-RAN

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    Suicide sometimes run in the family.
  11. GO-RAN

    Exotic Motors Corp - Miami

    Car looks solid. Do you know how much over Mrsp they are asking? There is alot of manual cars on the market currently so you have alot to choose from.
  12. GO-RAN

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    ^ idk This is what the porsche guys are claiming helped the new GT3RS .2 set a much faster lap than the previous .1 RS These street cars are way too fast to begin with.
  13. GO-RAN

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    The Ring was repaved over the winter, that will be a huge influence on its time.
  14. I think a Salvage car would possibly be a good choice if you want to glue the car back together somehow and for it to look great 50 feet away. At that point you really have to forget about resale and be content knowing what you own. Now if you want to fix it inside out and have a gem you will probably spend the same amount of money as a mint example and still have that blemish on the cars history. Good luck
  15. Are roll bars usually made of aluminum?