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  1. Nuvolari


    Last thing I want to do is be a buzzkill. At the same time there are a ton of really great options with a FIAT 500 and LP160 is perhaps a little too vague even for the most ardent Lambo fan. From what I hear you will need to know your plate in owning a modern FIAT 500....every time you call AAA
  2. Nuvolari


    The LP160 is not really correct no matter how you look at it. The LP refers to the Longitudinal Posterior engine layout on a Lambo. A 500 Abarth is transverse so all you are really quoting is the horsepower with no real tie to Lamborghini. I have a Murcielago and a 1964 Fiat 500. Both have LP engine configurations with slightly different power outputs
  3. Nuvolari

    Murcielago: Factory enhancements by year?

    Excellent advice. Well reasoned and unbiased. I totally agree.
  4. Wheels are SOLD. Mods kindly lock or delete this thread.
  5. I have for sale a set of OEM 18 inch Lamborghini Speedline wheels that were original fit on a Murcielago coupe or roadster. These wheels are also a direct fit on a Diablo for those owners wanting an updated look while still using OEM wheels. The wheels have been chromed and are perfectly straight and true. Cosmetically the wheels are very nice but not perfect and the multitude of reflections cast by the chrome finish make it generally hard to notice unless you go right up to them and stare. In addition to the chrome these wheels are fitted with lightweight titanium hardware mating the wheel center to the rim. Attached is a photo of the exact wheels I have for sale and a few pics I found off the net showing what these wheels in chrome look like on a Murcielago or Diablo. I am happy to answer any questions and can offer any specific photos needed to help a buyer feel comfortable with a purchase. Priced low for quick sale $2500 USD Can ship worldwide Reply, PM, or email: rob (at) carbonio (dot) com Please do not assume this ad is old. I will post when sold.
  6. Mods feel free to lock or delete this thread. I decided just to remove the tint on my lights so the offer to trade is no longer available.
  7. Thank you for the feedback and perspective. In my case I know the lights were tinted very early in the life of the car (I have the records of the job) so the chances that the lights were tinted to hide anything is pretty much zero. The last thing I am interested in is screwing someone over a set of car taillights so I am presenting the trade as honestly as I can and would expect someone willing to trade to do the same. My intentions of this thread are to offer a fellow Murci owner the chance to modify their car at minimal expense while saving me the work of stripping the tint. I actually have quite a bit of experience in this field having restored a number of cars to a very high standard (multiple 100 point scores in the Ferrari world). As it is I'll wait a little to see if anyone comes forward with a reasonable trade and if not I'll just put in the elbow grease and strip the lights. For now the offer stands
  8. Hi Everyone I recently got a 2003 Murcielago and (as many Murci's are) this one has some cosmetic modifications that I would like to bring back to stock. Among them are the tail lights and 4 side marker lights that have been tinted. These items have been tinted to a very high standard so I thought someone may want to trade with me for their factory un-tinted lights allowing them to modify their car with my parts. Just to be clear my lights are the factory pre-LP units fitted on the coupes and roadsters from 2002-2006. They are the ones with the orange, red, and white sections and not the all red ones fitted in the later cars. I am after the same early lights for my car from a coupe or roadster (they are both the same light) without the tint. What I propose is a straight trade and we each pay for our own shipping. My lights are in excellent condition, work perfectly, and have no damage of any kind so I expect the same in return (let's play nice here). If you are not sure how to remove your lights I can send you instructions from the factory shop manual. It's pretty simple and well within the abilities of a basic DIY owner. Attached to this post are photos of the exact lights I have. In total there are 6 pcs (2 tail lights and 4 side marker lights). I would like to do a single trade if possible but would consider splitting up the tails and side markers to two separate people. Anyone interested can PM me, reply to this thread, or email me rob (at) carbonio (dot) com Please do not assume this request is old I'll post when I find someone to trade with. Note to Moderators: I assumed it was ok to post this in the Murcielago section rather than the classifieds because I am trying to interact directly with a Murci owner making this forum the best place to find a fellow Lambo owner looking to take advantage of my offer.
  9. Nuvolari

    WTB: OEM Murcielago car cover

    I'll take you up on your offer Glen and buy a new one. Thank you Mods feel free to lock this thread I have found what I needed
  10. Looking to purchase an OEM Murcielago indoor car cover preferably the one a car would have gotten when bought new. Reply, PM, or email me what you have. [email protected] Thanks for looking and I will post when I find something so don’t assume this request is old.
  11. Nuvolari

    What tools / accessories came with a Murcielago

    Thank you this explains everything nicely.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm about to do a deal on a Murcielago (my first lambo) and was wondering what came with the car new? The owner says it has the tools but I'd really be interested in an itemized list of what came with the car so I can be sure that it is complete. Some people don't care about this stuff but I like all the little details that would have been original to be with the car. Thanks for your help and I look forward to posting more once I have the car.
  13. Nuvolari

    Carbonio Performance Air Box

    Yes it is a very high quality unit and fits high flow sports filters to the intake system. Performance increases are mild but the engine sound is much nicer and the throttle response is better. While you are at it also look at the the front spoiler Carbonio has for the 560. It is a direct replacement for the oem part and adds a really nice finishing touch to the nose. Much nicer than the stock black plastic piece.
  14. Nuvolari

    Porous casting solution?

    I too agree that welding is the way to go. Porosity or corrosion eventually ends and there is good material to weld to. A skilled welder will be able to easily assess the situation for you. Also if it is a tiny repair there are places that specialize in microscopic welding (often used to repair injection molding tools). These guys can make welds so small that you can bearly see them. Maybe they can fill a porous spot with minimal damage to the surrounding metal.
  15. Nuvolari

    Pearl orange Lamvo paint is $2,200 a gallon?

    The whole color 'patent' thing is a load of bull as I have seen computer paint matches on numerous cars without Lambos 'involvement'. Remember that OEM paint will change color over time so a formula mixed batch will never match properly. This guy is selling you a whole lotta sizzle and not a lot of steak. Pearl paint is expensive but not $2200 a gallon nor the $450 a gallon he wants. As for the ZR1 clear it is important to note that the $60K figure has been widely misrepresented. It is not the clear that costs $60K a gallon but rather an additive that is mixed with the clear in an incredibly small amount per gallon. As such I remember reading a calculation of the number of ZR1's that could be painted with 1 gallon of the additive and it added up to several years worth of production.