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  1. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    He was supported and remembered in tonight's celebrations along with the soldier killed in Ottawa.
  2. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    I am not a very emotional guy but watching the anthems at the games in Canada on TV right is pretty spectacular. My daughter is at the game in Ottawa and said there aren't many dry eyes around her.
  3. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    Holy fcuk Wheels you are bizarre. I totally wanted you to die in a horrific fire for the last few minutes and now I want to totally hang around with you and go pick up chicks or something. I figure I am the second weirdest person here and you have me beat 10 fold.
  4. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    I am embarrassed to have to explain this to another adult but it was to show compassion and sympathy to a neighbor country under siege and duress from possible terrorist acts. Just as Canada accepted hundreds of planes and thousands of passengers in the immediate aftermath of the tragic events on sept 11. There was no question of "should we help". It was a given. Just as it was apparently a given to the city of Pittsburgh or the Penguins organization to offer a gesture that "we care and we support you". I am just glad they aren't fuckwits that don't get compassion.
  5. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    Being a Canadian kid and spending my entire life in hockey,and most of my good friends being involved in professional hockey,it was chilling for me to see the Canadian National Anthem performed before the Pittsburgh-Philly game tonight.
  6. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    I am approx 4 hours away. I was going to go when this was all happening but she said not to bother (I was just there 2 days ago). She didn't seem very concerned for her safety even though it was only a few minutes away. She will just stay away from Parliament and downtown for the next little while.
  7. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    The shooter was killed by the Sergeant At Arms in the Parliament building main hall. The lock down was lifted at my daughter's university and it seems there is no immediate danger at this time, so now it is just questions about who this guy was and was he on the watch list.
  8. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    I believe a more plausable reason why this is happening today was that Canada's prime minister was to give Honorary Canadian Citizenship to Pakistani teenager and Nobel Peace Price winner Malala Yousafzhi, who was outspoken against the Taliban. Now that has been cancelled. But whether this is happening today because of the above reason or just a coincidence, I agree with others that this is all directly linked to Canada's confirmation in helping in the battle against ISIS.
  9. Chimay52

    Some sort of attack at Canadian parliament.

    My daughter goes to the University of Ottawa, which is very close to all of this. The school is under full lockdown. I just walked past the Parliament buildings from my hotel to go to the Rideau Centre on Monday.
  10. Chimay52

    Rhyno's secret Countach

    Wow Rhyno, you are either totally innovative, daring and fun or completely bonkers off your rocker. Either way both scenarios work and I think that looks great!
  11. Chimay52

    F1 Driver Jules Bianchi seriously injured

    Not only is he waving the green in that corner when the Bianchi collision happened, he stopped at 1:13 when it was happening, looked down at the situation, then continued to wave the green flag until around 2:30 when someone climbed up the stairs and spoke to him. Considering the original crash, heavy equipment and track workers inside the barriers, and another very violent collision right at the foot of this flag stand, I can only imagine that corner worker and anyone advising him on the radios is in some trouble.
  12. Chimay52

    About Damn Time!!!

    Congratulations OVI, that car is so awesome. Just a thing of beauty!
  13. Chimay52

    God Bless Apple

    Robster are you sure that's the Hulk? It could be anyone.