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  1. Murcie612

    Its now Bye Bye

    Congrats! Mind sharing what it sold for?
  2. Murcie612

    Allan is pissed!!!

    Congrats, looks beautiful.
  3. Murcie612

    Garage coming along

    Looks great, so much thinking goes into these type of setups and looking at what other people do makes it much easier to some to decide on their projects. So with that, thank you for sharing the pictures.
  4. Murcie612

    New Owner

    Congratulations, can’t go wrong with that color. Can’t wait to see the pictures.
  5. Murcie612

    Murcielago Appreciation

    Took you two months to think of that? I’m so proud you came up with that all by yourself, good boy......
  6. Murcie612

    Murcielago Appreciation

  7. Murcie612

    Took delivery of the 91 Diablo with Gt body

    Car is so beautiful and sounds awesome. Enjoy it in the best of health and keep the videos coming.
  8. Murcie612

    new Ford GT coming! :)

    So bad ass!!
  9. Murcie612

    I'm back in the Diablo club

    That’s one sexy looking car!! Congrats again to both of you guys.
  10. Murcie612

    Dr. Jordan Peterson

  11. Murcie612

    Dr. Jordan Peterson

    Every “so what your saying is” was a shoot to put words in his mouth. She had nothing to say after a while towards the end. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Murcie612

    I'm back in the Diablo club

    Congrats, that’s a beautiful car and nicely done also.