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  1. Love the GT plate... The sound of the 05-06 GT with an aftermarket exhaust is incredible.
  2. Looks wicked. What radar detector / jammer you having installed?
  3. The other item that I read and was told was the tires that made a huge difference.
  4. Don't get me wrong, the SVJ is an incredible car. For me I don't think there is enough change to warrant the extra money when my SV is already a great car.
  5. That is what I was told when I put down my deposit for the SVJ. I have since got my deposit back and will keep my SV.
  6. My dealer just told me it would be close to the 900 number. He said a little over 200 to the states.
  7. I have only test driven the S and I am a much bigger fan of the SV. The S is a great car but the SV gives you everything a Lambo should be....IMO
  8. Great, As you can see I am new to the site and to Lamborghini.
  9. My suggestion would be to put a "New" or "All Activity" button on the top of the page.
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