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  1. Did car ever get delivered? crickets here
  2. customryder1


    Agree !! not boring to drive! Sold my Performante and got the AV-S Its a blast to drive.
  3. I hated the alcantara in my Performante. never ending battle keeping all the white specks from clinging to it... This video is a must see.
  4. Only one!... Thanks!
  5. as outher have said talk to John Hrad.. I just bought a new Aventador s from him no problems as all.
  6. you can buy them new under sticker if you shop. Im being offered one for $$ under now... but when I drove it i was not thrilled.
  7. I now own a performante... One drive in the aventator s make me sell the HP. the hp is a car the av is a super car.
  8. This will be mine if all goes to plan.. next week!
  9. Yes Orange.. Not too much orange in interior.. Black with Orange stitch. to much orange in interior it starts to look over done. imo.
  10. Looking for opinions on this color? Love it ? Hate it? Thanks Jeff
  11. The car I drove vibrated at idle, doors where (very) wavy and no foot well room. it did ride smooth but very quiet. no thanks..
  12. Most people will spend 99.9% of the time on the street vr track ...i opt for the more comfortable seats.
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