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  1. Minte

    LP 640 Values

    I appreciate the comments.
  2. Minte

    LP 640 Values

    I am seriously considering letting my 08' LP640 go. Moved to a country property and I drove the car twice last year. I have been on Dupont looking at similar cars to see what's going on and prices are all over the place. Is the market on them up, down or steady?
  3. Minte

    Severe Weather Stories?

    We had severe t-storms last night and this morning. Lots of lightning and wind. There was a lightning strike very close to the house and it fried the Lutron system controller.
  4. Minte

    Lambo girls NSFW

  5. Minte

    What was your fun car before your lambo?

    Before I got my first Lambo in 05' I had a 96' Arena Red Porsche Turbo.. It's the only car I regretted selling.
  6. Minte

    Thinking Of Moving To SoCal

    I agree that the traffic there has gotten really bad. Last fall I was out and drove from LAX to a meeting in Palm Springs. That was easily one of the top 5 worst drives ever. The next day I followed it up with one the of best ever. All back roads through the Mojave from Palm Springs to Vegas.
  7. Minte

    LP670-4 SV versus Squirrel

    That's a case for "It's better to be lucky than good"
  8. Minte

    Rich Kids Of Instagram

    You didn't really watch all of that?? They lost me at the two minute point when the kid flashed his bankroll and it was all 10's & 20's...
  9. Minte

    The Architecture thread

    I could probably force myself to live there.
  10. Minte

    Tipping your car service guys?

    That's what I thought was appropriate. The delivery man had a 6 hour one way drive to bring my car. It was cold out, called my office when he was 20 minutes out, but managed to beat me to my house. He had the Lambo all warmed up and parked in front of the garage with the paperwork waiting. And it's holiday season, so a c-note was correct.
  11. Over the years, I've haven't. My LP640 was delivered back today from the dealer. The man that brought it did such a nice job with everything I thought it was appropriate. What's the etiquette?
  12. Minte

    How fast is your internet?

    Not terrific, but it's a bit faster than I am paying for.
  13. Minte

    Looking at some properties in Las Vegas

    According to Zillow, it sold. But that is the design style we are looking at. Quite a few out in Summerlin fit the bill too.
  14. Minte

    Not sure about the roof wing...

    It's a great way to ruin the lines of a gorgeous car
  15. Minte

    OMG, Fuc**ng Lamborghini in Dubai!

    It made me smile.