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  1. Congrats! Would love to hear how it compares to the SLR.
  2. Congrats, tastefully and impeccably configured as usual! We need one of your signature reviews for this!
  3. Congrats man! Enjoy it in good health!
  4. Sad to see it go, but hopefully the next one is a worthy successor!
  5. bert

    Blu Cepheus

    Congrats to Rhyno on the new car, which looked great btw, and for making time for a photoshoot. Here's a few shots by 1exotic: Check out the rest of the shots here: http://ascentofspeed.com/features/kind-of-blu
  6. OrangeJuice and G-eez. Allan, perhaps you'll remember this?
  7. I saw this car in person today and you really have to see the colour in sunlight to appreciate it.
  8. I got a nice laugh when this aired:
  9. Can't wait to see them on a Veyron. Will these wheels have to be replaced after a certain amount of miles like the Bugatti wheels?
  10. Sweet, another Pentaxian! Your next problem will be collecting the FA and DA Limiteds along with all the legacy K and M42 mount glass.
  11. Was listening to Q on CBC Radio 1 and they did a segment on Gripevine. Here's the post on their blog.
  12. bert

    Stock Ticker

    Don't like it, the applet froze Firefox for a bit.
  13. VCR, congrats and enjoy it good health! I thought the blue SL was your's when you mentioned that you'll be getting one in a custom color so my jaw dropped when I saw this thread -- very daring and classy. Can't wait to see it real life, what you'll be doing to the car and a signature VCR review.
  14. Living on the west coast, I regularly run in those temperatures during this time of year. Just remember to warm up first, I do so by walking 5 minutes, and ease your way up prior to a hard run.
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