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  1. djt77

    Huracán STO

    Maybe a silly question but with all the talk of how good the ALA system is, how comes it not on this car?
  2. djt77


    So the whole of the UK then
  3. Any chance I can get owner status now I've joined the best club out there
  4. Hi all, I’m looking at 2008 sugerleggera tomorrow, meeting with the mechanic who is doing so bits on the car. While he is there is there anything I should be to ask about? Im thinking brakes as ceramic, clutch life. Service history seems to be good but it’s had some engine work done and had a diff ECU which has now been swapped out for the old stock one. Car has about 60,000km so bit on high side but avg 5,000km a year doesn’t seem too high. Any info on what should be looking out for would be appreciated
  5. djt77

    Urus Rescue C ar

    Needs bigger tires but much want
  6. Hooked on Bates Motel at the moment, Sense 8 was another good one
  7. Only think i would add is may be a small bathroom/toilet/washroom
  8. The sega rally machines might be worth checking out
  9. not far away from where my folks live outside Eastbourne, lovely part of the world, not seen many places like that before on the South Coast.
  10. Don't think this has been posted up before, but if you are interested in modular worth checking out http://www.archiblox.com.au Have worked on a few projects here that incorporate insitu with modular in WA, mostly larger commercial stuff. There are a couple of very good grand design episodes that worth checking out, both UK and Australia series.
  11. djt77

    Taking the plunge

    So I figure a little time for an update and maybe a review of how things are progressing. First off company is still here which is clearly a positive. Whilst being a consultancy there isn't a tangible product produced such as a pen or pencil (you get the idea) what is produced is information be it in the form of quantities/costing/advise/etc. I've managed to win a couple of tenders that we put in for and so know that there is work in the pipeline going forward. Whilst this has been a good boost for moral and good for the bottom line for the firm, there has been a downward trend with fewer tender opportunities coming to market and I can't see much changing over the next 18/24 months. Whilst we have managed to gain some valuable Clients, these have predominantly been through contacts that I have made over the years and are similar in size and capability. To ensure we keep good working relationships I would rather refrain from offering the same services to their competitors to gain in the sort term. There is I believe still a range of other potential Clients out there that to some degree maybe do not know that services are available or do not know who to go to. I'm at the point where I believe in order to grow the company we need to expand our Client base to these firms. There is the option of diversifying our services into other sectors but at this point I think we are better maintaining the core services rather than trying to offer something else. However I'm not sure of the best way of making inroads. I've been doing research on marketing techniques and wondered if anyone here might have any insights or reading material they could share? I'll be honest and say that I'm not great when it comes to cold calling and so far everything we have done has come about through recommendations (except successful tenders). We have recently taken out an ad in an Industry magazine to try and grow our "audience", but how well this goes, I'm not sure. I know advertising is important and part of expanding is going to be letting people know that we are here and what we can do. Does anyone have any ideas on other ways to market baring in mind limited budgets and looking at specific Client base? Lastly I'm not sure if I'm expecting to grow quicker than we are or if I should just keep going the way have so far and let things take their natural course, if there is one. Apologies for the rambling, sometimes I feel it's easier to write this stuff down and review after a while.
  12. Isn't the biggest factor going to be how much you initially pay?
  13. djt77


    Went and had a look at the local red one here in Perth yesterday, (went to have a look at the Lotus Evora, have bit of a thing for them right now) only saw through the showroom as they were shut when got round to visiting, (damn work) anyway, the colour is similar same as yours and it really did look fantastic, they had a yellow Vent next to it and with the value of the H can't see the V being twice the car which is what it would be in price here. The showroom one had different wheels to yours and IMO you spec'd your perfect, congratulations.
  14. djt77


    Congratulations, car looks fantastic and I think you went for best wheels as well, to me they remind me of the pepper pot wheels of older lambo's. Look forward to your review of the driving experience.
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