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  1. The SV is worth every penny over an LP700. SV to SVJ is another big step and a bit more difficult to say it's worth every penny for the upgrade. When you compare what you get $$$ wise for a SVJ, its hard to look elsewhere. The next step up is the 7 figure range, and I know for a fact, I wouldn't drive them the same way I drive the SVJ. Mileage, maintenance, reliability, drivability, etc. So in that sense, the SVJ is unbeatable for the money. Agreed on the fact the SVJ doesnt photo well. Especially the front end.
  2. You couldn't pay me to trade the SVJ for a 720S LOL. The 720 is FAST, but the SVJ...well... its just a million times more fun. The looks, the sound, the excitement, the performance. Oh man, it's the only way to go. I have a hard time justifying the extra $$$ for the 63 editions. Limited- yes. Worth the price of admission- I don't believe so. Too bad there wasn't something drastically different with the 63 compared to the "regular" (LOL) SVJ. Every mile gets better and better. Just got back from a drive, and I am smiling from ear to ear.
  3. SVJ vs SV. The SVJ is the complete package. I absolutely love the car and have zero complaints. All the flare, the power, the presence of an Aventador, along with the handling characteristics of a tiny little Porsche. The car is a BEAST. It just sticks and sticks and sticks. The harder you push it in the turns, the more the car turns. It's an incredible sensation. I can only imagine if it was running R compound tires! The SV is so good, but the J takes it to a completely different level. In some ways more refined, in other ways more raw. I do miss the crackles and pops from the SV exhaust
  4. The ceramics on my LP640 are the craziest brakes I have ever felt. The smallest pedal input and you feel like the tires could be overwhelmed if you put the pedal all the way down. They are incredible and inspire confidence. The aventador brakes are are the opposite. LP700 were terrible. SV not so good. SVJ not so good. What the hell Lamborghini!
  5. I do agree, the brakes are not at all confidence inspiring.
  6. Three months with the J now. Verde Ithica is an amazing color.
  7. Thanks man. Pics don't do Verde Ithica justice. All this crazy rain needs to end, so I can drive it again!
  8. Will have to take some better pics soon. Verde Ithica SVJ
  9. I couldn't agree more. A bit disappointed to see so many J's will be produced....and not sure if its upgrading from the SV now.
  10. I am in need of replacement large SV stickers. If anybody has the vector files, I can have it printed. Happy to assist others in need once I have the files as well. Placement measurements would also be GREATLY appreciated!
  11. Thankfully it has been a solid car, but its good to weigh the options of peace of mind!
  12. I will check with the service manager tomorrow. The car was bought and has been serviced at the same dealer...yet they apparently still have to inspect- and they want another ~$900 for that! If it is factory coverage, then its a no brainer!
  13. The warranty on my 15 Roadster is just about to expire, and I am debating on extending 1 or 2 years. As many of you know, its about $7500 and $15000...and I am conflicted now due to the coverage. It appears the warranty is more of a powertrain only warranty. Does anybody know exactly what is, and what is not covered? Worth it? Thanks!
  14. Im running the exhaust same exhaust setup on the LP640 and its amazing! Pure perfection. The car is tuned as well, which helped the power band substantially.
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