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  1. Do you like the Spur better than the Ghost?
  2. I would get Trezor and move your holdings to a hardware wallet, especially if you are holding a large amount. It's not very safe, in my opinion, to keep a large amount on the exchanges due to what happened w/ mt. gox. I would either move to hardware wallet or cold storage (paper wallet). Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  3. Back down to $14900, big swings today. Coinbase seems to go down when there is too much trading volume, same thing happened last week.
  4. Just hit $19k. Up over 50% since yesterday.
  5. MJ1133

    La La Land

    I second this, movie was horrible.
  6. MJ1133

    After-market wheels

    Arent these the same as the 360 Forged guys?
  7. Let me know your thoughts on it once you get a few more miles on it. Congrats!
  8. That's actually right next to my home. I have not seen that one around here at all.
  9. Was the dealer Global? Heard some pretty nasty things about them. I looked into the leases on a Wraith, they did one at 10k miles/yr (I'm not sure if they go higher than that) and they quoted me ~3300/mo with almost 40k due at signing (that included taxes as well). Unfortunately in Texas you have to pay all the sales tax upfront so leases end up not making very much sense. The dealer was Park Place Dallas btw.
  10. Do you have any more info on the warranty? Is it from RR?
  11. It really just comes down to the individual. For some people, it makes more sense to lease....others cash, loan or whatever. There really isn't one set way to buy an exotic.
  12. He didn't say the name of the tuner...so I'm not seeing how he would be trying to stir up shit with any other tuner?
  13. How are you liking the LFA?
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